I Stand Firmly In Solidarity With Life

Intentionality matters.

In a world of matter, 

we have prioritized strange nominalizations. 

we call it,

The Economy.

As conscious beings, we continue to turn a blind eye and devalue intentionality. 





Severed from their roots.

Uprooted from their Home.

Murdered and left to rot,

Hoping no one would notice.


In the name of God.  

In the name of homogeneity. 

In the name of assimilation and melting-pots. 

In the name of civilization and advancement.

(of whom?)

The intentionality of it,

largely ignored.

The systemic oppression

still ongoing. 

The destruction 

of Homes

of families

of cultures

of Lives. 


Who taught us to believe to be powerful, we must hoard?








Bottled up and left to rot. 

Truth is, 

I can point to a perpetrator “out there” 

call it capitalism

call it politics

call it white supremacy

call it an “ism”

call it patriarchy.

Blame them.

And all that does is appease my illusion

that it is separate from me

while I continue to reproduce the status-quo

that is killing me.

and my future.

and my family.  

I often wonder:

How have we come to accept that nominalizations 

matter more than the majesty of Life itself? 

The soil reveals.

Mass graves of Indigenous children

as we continue to bomb and destroy and displace 

(Palestine, anyone?!) 

and justify the systemic murders of Black men


Homogeneity is killing us.

Despite our futile attempts to normalize it. 


Earth is bio-diverse. 

our biological systems thrive on diversity. 

on sharing 

on cooperating

on what matters

not made-up fairytales 

games played 

by people pretending to know what adulting means. 

I’m just over it. 

I’m over the bulshit.

the carefully sustained propaganda

the fragile cultural narratives 

the intentional intergenerational lies

The fairy tales aren’t real. 

they’re but stories. 

full of metaphors

and if we pay attention

we may learn something about ourselves

at the very least, 

about our values.

since we seem to have forgotten

the holistic nature 

of WHAT we are

as Life. 

the totality of it all

as consciousness,




has become

the dirtiest word of all. 

How could it not?

In the name of God, 

we murder



So, we capitulate. 

And predate. 

Giving up our source of power

intergenerationally to God,


and now, to the Cloud. 


we are Forces

able to manifest Intention

so that which we intend

at the highest orders of thinking,

we create. 

This isn’t some bulshit affirmation.

This is fact. 

This is the kind of Truth that is 

authentically mine

intimately known 



and owned

in every. space. within me. 

It is only my own unique Truth 

that sets me free. 

Until I own,

in every space of my body,

I AM that

the creator

the destroyer

the All.

I continue to hold my Soul hostage to the stagnating stories of someone “out there”.

But tell me, 

what makes their version of truth more real

than the Truth

my bones carry

from my ancestry? 

It matters not to me what you choose. 

I know, 

for me 

I trust mySelf

I trust my here

I trust my now

I trust the moment

I trust my breath

I trust the vibration that I AM

To guide me.

Because I trust my highest intention. 

And I don’t trust theirs.

I’ve had…

Enough with the killing myself to sustain the life of lies.

Enough with supporting that which depletes my Soul.

Enough with the narratives of externally imposed reality. 

Enough with the illusions of the nominalizations as real

I’m no longer interested in the stories told by politicians/CEOs/teachers/doctors/scientists/pick-a-someone-important-out-there. 

I’m only interested in the secretes revealed in my own body

stored in the fecund space between every nano-particle that makes me up

full with Spiritual Intentionality 


the unique essence of What I AM,

in this moment

blurring the edges

between “me” and “other”

so that I may mindfully 


and choose

moment to moment


To choose, 

my highest intention in my own becoming.

I’m here to evolve. 

To live,





and audibly. 

And in that, I attract to me 


those who seek to play the same game

at the same level

in full recognition

this game

is infinite. 

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