Lessons from the Last Year and a Half: Seeking THE Truth is Futile…

The Narrative of “Unsafe” Prevails

This past year and half has been quite the roller coaster ride for most people of this world. We have all felt like we have been at the recipient end of the top-down consistently shifting narratives, instructions and mandates. Yet, what has remained constant is the messaging that:

  • we are not safe,
  • we must not ask questions, and,
  • we must comply.

The voices of “legitimate authority” compel us to blindly trust their narrative and comply with their proposed solutions, or else. In my world, that or else is worthy of paying attention to. When states begin to violate Charter, constitutional and ethical rights, I believe we are in trouble. When fear blasted at us from every angle becomes the commander of our nervous system, I believe we are in trouble. When voices who disagree from the conventional narrative are systematically silenced and discredited, I believe we are in trouble. When we divide and segregate societies in two-tier systems, aka dangerous and safe, I believe we are in trouble. When our personal health choices become public property, I know we are in trouble.

Most of us have been too paralysed by fear to notice. Many have chosen to not leave their homes or see family members. Many have not had a hug. Many have died alone. Most people have been trying desperately to “get back to normal”. Yet even when the Saviour Vaccine was rolled out en masse, we were still told we’re unsafe. Now the narrative of unvaxinated = dangerous is taking over like a planned wildfire. Really, it seems to never fucking end.

Have you noticed how the greatest danger has shifted from the virus itself to those who are not injected?

To wage war, after all, we need an “other” to target. Those targeted are those who question the legitimacy of it all. Those targeted are the people who have chosen, for a plethora of various reasons, not to be initiated into the cult of Covid.

Distrust any voice to the contrary of the conventional.

Then there are the doctors, scientists, researchers, lawyers, whistleblowers labeled “conspiracy theorists” who either seem to have an agenda of their own imposing fear based narratives, OR are pointing to the inconsistencies in the conventional messaging and asking for scientific rigour and de-polarization and politization of science. These people have been systematically silenced and shunned. When they start to imprison said people for speaking out, I’ll know we’ve entered a space we can’t come back from.

All of this stuff as it has unfolded raises huge red flags for me and it makes me question the legitimacy of our proclaimed democracy.

Seeking Truth “Out There” When It Only Exists “In Here”

One of the most challenging parts of living in our times for me has been that this was the first time in my life I feel unable to find an external truth that maps to that of my own experience. No matter where I turned my attention, I came up empty. I knew the conventional narrative sat hella-wrong inside of me, and I knew the proclaimed conspiracy theories were too varied in their stance for me to trust them. I don’t trust any of the key players in this very finite game.

There’s always a gift in the mess of it all…

Because of that, this last year and half has been a tremendous provocation to my own evolution. In looking “out there” to find “the truth”, I discovered that there is none. Every “side” is filled with half-truths, untruths and often, blatant lies.

What I discovered in the process is that the only truth that mattered to me, was my own. It is the truth that is stored in the tissue of my body and the quantum spaces in-between matter. It is the truth that cannot lie, and it has no other ulterior motive to communicate with me other than to let me know the Truth that resides in my being.

I discovered, too, that the only thing that made sense to me is to surrender to the process of trusting my internal cues. In that, I trusted what I knew and I knew what I trusted. I have never been more certain that I would never find an external truth that supports my internal state. I surrendered to that, and my life transformed.

I now know myself differently. I know I can taste the freedom I sense in my being!

Here’s a rather short list of what I learned about myself so far…

  • I learned how I can be on fire about an issue so immense as our basic democratic freedoms (up until now supported in the backs of others in the world) and not need to conform to an external truth that doesn’t map to the vibration in my own physical body.
  • I learned to really pay attention to patterns instead of content.
  • I learned how to listen differently. My starting point isn’t now “I’ll listen if I agree with their politics” but instead I’m listening to what else they have to say that resonates with the vibration of truth in my being.
  • I learned that there is nothing external to me to fight or push against. The only calling for me is to keep an open mind, educate myself and stay connected to the Truth of my own experience (without needing to prove it to anyone else).
  • I learned that I won’t find “a truth” in any one liners out there; to discover my own truth, I have to sufficiently educate myself to numerous perspectives.
  • I learned that most people injecting themselves in my personal circle are only doing it because of the pressure to comply, or else (not because they believe it is the right thing to do with their bodies).
  • I learned that compliance breeds compliance. That compliance breeds resentment. That resentment breeds hate (unless you have a different paradigm to operate from…).
  • I learned to pay attention to the messages of the pressure to comply through fear and people pleasing.
  • I am not a dangerous outsider because the majority believe that to be so.
  • I learned to stand firmly in my Truth, despite the onions of others.
  • I learned it’s all opinions, anyway, and the conventional story doesn’t have to be my reality (it never has been).
  • I learned that questioning the conventional out loud leads to mass hatred of questioning.
  • I learned that when I know what I know, I know. Then I simply wait for it to unfold… Somehow, it still catches me off guard.
  • I learned that whenever people speak truth to their experience, a lot of people get riled up.
  • I learned that, as per always, we each have a unique yet equally valid and real truth about life in the times of Covid.
  • I learned that I can have a different perspective from another and I do not need them to agree with me for me to deeply care, respect and cherish them.
  • I learned that in the midst of all the external pressure, I am building a community so immensely in tune with their Truth that it is unshakeable.
  • I learned that when one door closes, so many more open.
  • I learned that I don’t have to pick a side to belong, because I belong in here, where I live. The community I belong to is my own creation and not a box I must mould to to fit in.
  • I learned to really slow down in those moments of internal chaos and remind myself that I’ve got this. Regardless of the external pressures “out there”, I am a resourceful and resilient being who will always have what I want and need, even if it may look differently than I had previously imagined.

I know that none of that which I’ve recently discovered about myself would have been available to me if I were not fully immersed in a different paradigm of living whose context for evolution is that I am the godForce (consciousness itself) manifesting in the physical world. I know that, in my tissue, in every fibre of my being. That’s the ultimate truth of what I am and from that truth I choose to live my life moment to moment.

Thoughts for Your Consideration:

  • Does the truth of the experience presented in your body match to that of the external narrative you are being told is “reality”?
  • Do you trust the validity and legitimacy of the truth presented to you through the tissue of your body?
  • Do you have a life-expansive process to engage in in those moments when you find yourself conflicted? On fire? Excluded? Dismissed? Diminished? Divided? Segregated? Infuriated? Enraged? Angry? Depressed? Hopeless? Anxious? Defeated? …

If you are looking for a different process to help you digest and metabolise all that is present in your life, feel free to contact me for a free one-on-one chat to see if working together is a meaningful choice for you.

FYI: This shift in context from mere mortal human to the godForce, expressing did not happen overnight for me. It took consistent engaging in expansive conversations with deep curiosity about my own internal landscape. In that persistence, I leaped into the next layer of my own evolution and have never looked back since. The process outlined in the WEL-Systems® paradigm works.

Are your habits hurting you?

If so, you are the only one who can pattern-interrupt what's not working for you and discover how else to engage your moment.



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