If climate collapse was the legacy of baby boomers, is global authoritarianism ours?

This will be a two-part blog post. In this one, I focus more on our collective predicament, fuelled by fear. In the next, on my experience with the strategy of warrior, unbeknown to me, also fuelled by fear.

Contemplating a full moon in Aries last night while in Libra season allowed me to notice the places and spaces I cling to my warrior stance in the name of justice. As an Aries child, I have always had this deep calling to fight for what’s right, just and fair for everyone. I am deeply sensitive to violations, and I generally expect better from people.

I have spent a whole lifetime expecting that which, evidently, is never coming.

The human species has long ago chosen a trajectory of self-denial and self-dismissal. We are failing to notice that external referencing is killing us. Yet, most of us would have no idea how to be internally referenced, even if we had a clue what that might mean.

I know intuitively we can all notice the difference between something externally imposed and integrated as reality versus a truth emerging from the very cells of our being. What do we choose to pay attention to? How often do we try to convince ourselves that we didn’t see what we saw, heard what we heard, or know what we know? How easy is it for us to give up our own truth for that of another’s (remember the Asch conformity experiments? We would rather lie to ourselves about what we see than risk getting humiliated by standing out. Such is the conditioning that makes us conform, no matter what. Human beings are truly fascinating in our peculiarity.)

Fear is driving the collective bus

That, of course, makes us highly vulnerable to manipulation

Fear. Fear is the great mind killer. It is the tool that has been used for millennia to control mindsets and redirect our attention. That’s the great trick of any good magician: distract you over here while they perform the trick over there. In the end, you end up mesmerised — wow, how did they do that?! Next thing we know, we find ourselves in a world that we couldn’t have expected or predicted in any way, even though the signs were there all along.

What were we paying attention to?

Fear has penetrated our collective psyche to the point that we are totally oblivious to the long-term consequences of what we are being coerced to give up: the totality of our rights and freedoms, and most importantly, control over our own minds.

It isn’t like fear wasn’t being used to manipulate us prior to the c-word. How do you think they sustained a 20 year war in the middle east by convincing us that “terrorists” were after us? How do you think they increased surveillance forever under the guise of “emergency protection”? Point is, what they institute during emergency measures seems to stick around and amplify, indefinitely.

As you go through the next part of this blog post, consider: How comfortable are you with any and all of the points listed being normalised as a way of life moving forward?

The narrative surrounding the c-word has ensured that the majority of us are now convinced that the danger of an endemic virus with a survivability rate of over 99% for the vast majority of people legitimises and warrants:

  • top-down insistent, heartless bullying from states, media outlets, and the corporations that own them through fear-mongering narratives spewed 24/7 with no context;
  • states protecting corporations by mandating forced injections of an experimental drug that noone can be held accountable for;
  • normalising blackmailing workers into compliance or else lose their ability to provide for their family;
  • two income households becoming single income, thereby fast-tracking the disappearance of the already disappearing middle class;
  • states deciding employment is conditional on compliance, even if it means creating a crisis by, say, shortage of hospital beds and medical treatment actually needed;
  • states violating their own laws, including the constitution that is written and designed to protect citizens from such state violence;
  • the constant edging of states violating their own laws and constitutions;
  • states arbitrarily deciding who needs medical intervention in order to be deemed worthy of participating in society;
  • states overriding parental choice and consent and using their power to coerce youth toward an uninformed medical treatment;
  • states arbitrarily deciding what issues need intervention, despite countless evidence to the contrary of brave souls risking their careers and reputations…cause that’s the world we live in now;
  • creating a culture of shunning and shaming people who make different choices;
  • creating a culture of bullying into compliance;
  • creating a culture of polarities and single-mindedness as a condition of belonging;
  • responsibilizing and punishing healthy people for the well-being of unhealthy people;
  • responsibilizing children for the well-being of the elderly;
  • punishing young adults who have a higher chance of dying in a car crash than they do of the c-word by making the v-word a condition to full participation in education;
  • private corporations policing ‘truth’ by censoring and ‘fact checking(proclaiming things like how these injections are not experimental, and thus don’t contravene the Nuremberg Code …when, they literally are experimental [still in phase II of III) AND being coerced into unconsenting bodies);
  • responsibilizing corporations for mass censoring of doctors, scientists and researchers who have a differing perspective than the conventional;
  • increased and legitimized policing of private and family affairs;
  • increased and legitimized policing of public spaces;
  • states and corporations that pay for their existence and control mass narratives arbitrarily dividing families and society along deserving and undeserving, good and bad, worthy and unworthy; participants and non participants;
  • media shunning and shaming anyone who disagrees with the conventional narratives by using derogatory labels;
  • institutions convincing family members and friends it is prudent to divide themselves along vaccination status because those foreigners — I mean, those unjabbed are a danger to those jabbed (makes sense, I know);
  • private businesses and private individuals making it their righteous business to demand access to our previously private medical data;
  • private businesses and private individuals making it their righteous business to demand access to  religious–I mean, injection status to deem safety;
  • …and so much more, but it’s exhausting to list all these incomprehensible consequences to our collective actions.

So, I ask you to do something radical and think for yourself if this makes sense to you, not from the intellect which is a by-product of culture and conditioning, but from the depths of your bones which is the ancestral truth you carry fear- and judgement-free. Take one deep breath and notice the difference in states of being before you read on.

  • Is fear of a virus with a survivability rate of over 99% for most people a good reason to exclude family members from our lives?
  • Is fear of a virus with a survivability rate of over 99% for most people a good reason to justify people are denied the opportunity to work or study?
  • Is fear of a virus with a survivability rate of over 99% for most people a good reason to spend $289 BILLION on lockdowns and injections only to conclude this virus is endemic? (instead of actually preventable disorders like poverty and mental health.)
  • Is fear of a virus with a survivability rate of over 99% for most people a good reason to give up our rights and democratic freedoms?
  • Is fear of punishment a good reason to undergo any medical procedure deemed mandatory by the state?
  • Is fear of punishment a good reason to comply with mandates that violate fundamental human rights, including our right to refuse medical treatment and our international right to provide for our families?
  • Is fear of punishment from the state not knowing who’s the next noncomplying target a comfortable way to live?
  • Is fear of punishment a good reason to ignore that everything that is unfolding before us is creating a world of division and hate rather than unity?

If climate collapse was the legacy of baby boomers, is global authoritarianism ours?

I, for one, am crystal clear. I see what I see, I hear what I hear, and I definitely know what I know. I validate it all, and choose to live a life in accordance to my connection with Source, first and foremost, then in accordance to my values. I choose: freedom, expansion, acceptance, unity. I choose to vote with my actions.

If, and this is a BIG if, this is all temporary and it goes away in the next few months once everyone and their newborns have been poked in each arm, then I will be quite content with the outcome and potentially feel like a fool when it’s all good and done with. And, I’d much rather feel like a fool in the best case scenario than feel fooled in the worst case one (that I foresee).

So I ask you again to consider, and be honest with yourself now, how comfortable are you with any and all of what you notice going on around you being normalised as a way of life moving forward? My answer is an unwavering: not one iota.

What is the world you want to leave behind?

Will you allow your choices moving forward to map courageously to the world you want to create? Or will you allow your choices to be directed by the choices of the collective?

We get to create the world we want to live in.
We are not at effect of circumstance.
We are at cause.

Stay tuned for part two…

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