Getting Terrifyingly Real with OurSelves: Be who you are NOW

The last year or so has felt incredibly hard for me because of the speed, density and immensity of the destruction I see unfolding in the societal, cultural and physical realms … which, of course, stem from the great disconnect from the divine (our own selves / the consciousness that we all are). I say “of course” because if you look at the structure of thought, and especially if you pay attention to your own internal cues, it becomes blatantly evident that all physical manifestations first stem from thought (the domain of energy, quantum).

In the last few months I have become unapologetically ferocious in my protection of the “new”. Whether that is the new(old) world being (re)born in the midst of the collapse of patriarchy, or whether it is the new(old) souls being (re)born into this physical realm in human and animal bodies.

Most spiritual approaches ask me to make peace with what is (equanimity). To accept it as is. But that doesn’t come so naturally for me…

The ugly truth…

I have always been incredibly sensitive to violations of power. I have written about that here, here, here, and here. As I see it now, institutional violations are increasing and intensifying, all justified in the name of “safety” around this virus. To me, the ridiculousness of it all is laughable. The mind control through mind share is unfathomable, unprecedented in its scale. If you’re looking to get better educated on how mind-share as mind control is working as we speak, I highly recommend you have a listen to this conversation.

And now, despite all the evidence to the contrary, we have entered a world where mass inoculations are normalized for children. Worse than that is the responsibilization of the healthy for the unhealthy. Way worse than that is the mass indoctrination of fear of intimacy (as a side note: every time I visit the Government of Canada “information” site I laugh. They are still recommending people from different households have sex with a mask on… I mean, how’s that for fucking hilarity?! Moving on… ). Fear of being disease carriers. Fear of touching. Fear of being close to family and friends. Fear of engaging. Fear of our own bodies. Fear of fucking breathing. 
…or someone we love might die.

Normalization of having rights removed willly-nilly while the “adults” continue to pretend the whole thing is about a thing it’s actually not. It’s been two years. The data is in. In my version of reality, believing this is still about the virus means not paying attention to what’s going on worldwide

This is our legacy to our children.

And that, my courageous readers, is the truth, and the truth is fucking ugly. It is so ugly most people would rather never have to face it.

All that coupled with the timeless strategy of avoidance, we’ve got a mass of people who will continue to do as they are told until they are so exhausted and depleted they may have no energy left to ever act on their own behalf. So they will literally die engulfed in fear, stagnation, depression, hopelessness, despair, rage, outrage, misery … they would rather go in denial than ever face the truth of their existence.

Chaos, truth and a new beginning.

Here’s a consideration for you: you do not have to live or die this way. You can choose, right now, to make a different choice. One that aligns with the truth that lives inside your own soul. If you choose that, you will simultaneously be choosing to face the truth of your Soul…whatever that might be for you.

What I know so well is that this crumbling, this societal falling apart, this destruction of what is, is not just an ending, it is also a new-beginning. It is a restructuring. It is a rebirth. And birth is always messy…chaotic, even.

As with every other rebirth in the infinite cycles of consciousness-manifested, death precedes birth. 

I firmly believe we are in the midst of a collective dying. Bodies are dying. Species are dying. Behaviours are dying. Strategies are dying. Cultures are dying. Egos are dying. Identities are dying. Ideologies are dying. The unacknowledgement of the divine is dying.

We are at a pivotal point in our evolution: live or die. 

In order to live, we must become ferociously graceful. We must notice what we notice, and tell ourselves the truth of our experience. We must wake up our spirit, and let it move us toward soul-fulfilling strategies that seek only to enliven and create, because that is the nature of Creators. We must own our own fear, shame, rage and outrage at the totality of the immense violations in our world. We must let go of the illusions we keep perpetuating believing they will keep us safe. We must delve into the depths of the dark so that we may move through to the light.

Like a mother desperate to protect her newborn baby from harm, we must become ferocious in our pursuit of building a new path as a way of life. Our Soul’s freedom is the invitation…that is our metaphorical baby. That is our birthright.

To reclaim our soul’s freedom, we must first, necessarily, get terrifyingly real. We must full-on face our demons and strip ourselves of all that no longer serves us. Yes, this will feel like falling without knowing where we will land…yet we must trust, we will land safely on our feet. Thousands of others have gone through the process and discovered: in knowing my Self, I am safe. In fact, that is where we are the safest. 

In a world filled with everything fake normalized as real, I choose to no longer waste another nanosecond being someone (and something!) I am not. I invite you to do the same. 

The time is NOW. To cut through the illusions we keep holding on to as “real”, even though they are killing us. Everything we notice going on “out there” is our wake-up call. The wake-up call of our Soul to claim it’s purpose for being here, at this time, on this planet. 

Most people will choose the conventional because the conventional feels easier right now. They will choose what authority tells them. They will choose the perpetuate the status quo. They will choose the cultural conditioning that keeps them small, reliant, and chained. 

I am beginning to be okay with that. Because I am realizing, it takes all of us.

The stronger the pull in a dying paradigm, the stronger the response of those who sense it to wake up and to engage differently. 

In order to manifest respect, dignity, integrity, generosity “out there” we must first become it within ourselves. We must love, yes, revolutionarily love ourselves to the point that we trust only the vibration of our own Soul to guide us! This makes me teary, and vibrate with joy! Because I have been through “the dark night of the Soul” individually, and I know that is what we are going through collectively. I trust this spiritual process wholeheartedly. 

And, I trust that, as a timeless spiritual being having a finite physical experience, I choose the path of spiritual re-awakening, re-claiming, re-embodying, re-engaging. I will never live in denial of what is, ever. I know the comatose state required to live in fear, in denial of what is, and I choose expansion, full acknowledgement and integration of what is so that I may create the internal space required to mindfully create a reality that is reflective of the ferocity and grace of the Force that I AM (that we each are). 

We, as a living entity, deserve better. It is time to let go of people pleasing and start pleasing the call of our Soul. It is time to release the grip of cultural conditioning (of mind-share) and listen to the singular call of our own Soul. 

No matter where you are on your spiritual evolutionary journey, I invite you to go deeper. There is no end to the depth of discovery of Self. There is no end to the depth of what is possible. There is no end, because spirit is infinite. 

So whether you are a spiritual coach trapped in the intellect of your mind or whether you are struggling with trying to numb the pain with numbing agents like, as the cliché goes, “sex, drugs and rock n’ roll”, I invite you to join me in my upcoming experience this January called “Unveil Your Truth, Reclaim Your Self”

Consider, perhaps, that you no longer have to tolerate the intolerable. There is choice in all matters. What’s left is that we claim it.

To hear a few soundbites of what has come up in the previous experience, click here.

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The time to decloak the truth of our experience is NOW.
The time to take action on our own behalf is NOW.
The time to replenish our life force is NOW.
The time to face our history is NOW. 
The time to create a clean slate is NOW.
The time to protect that which is worthy is NOW.
The time to shine is NOW. 
For those who hear the call, you know: the time to be the truth of who you are is NOW. 

Go beyond your comfort zone and discover how else you might choose to live your life, today. 

Are your habits hurting you?

If so, you are the only one who can pattern-interrupt what's not working for you and discover how else to engage your moment.



How wonderful you chose this for yourself! Now all that's left is to enjoy the process of self-discovery!