Magic Happens When Women Reclaim the Force They Already ARE!

This morning I chose to embrace me and what is presenting, by writing this message to myself.  I will never find myself by leaving myself, and in the depths of my most lost moments lies the potential for my deepest connection to Self, if I will just allow myself to trust the unknown and stay present.

Lisa LeBrun

There is a certain kind of pure joy, ever-flowing sweet nectar of sparkling feelings that I feel when I know a woman has just come out of her cocoon. It’s a feeling of humbled ecstasy, of grounded majesty! It’s like my whole body lights up and vibrates electricity outward, in a beautiful endless spiral around my body that surrounds me and nourishes me because I know…this is consciousness awakened to herSelf! That moment of recognition of another’s surrender to herSelf (precisely what Quantum TLC™ is) is one of the most wonderful, expansive, over joyous feelings that reminds me I know what Home feels like. I sense it inside of me through the expression of another.

I literally squealed like an overjoyed child as I wrote that!

This is what being part of a rich community of women who dare to have the tough conversations does. It awakens a primal Force inside each of us that reminds us: we are Home. We carry inside of us the very thing we seek to discover outside. Indeed, we are the thing itself!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are MAGIC! And only those who have forgotten what we are seek to disconnect us from ourselves. Those of us awake to our Force care only that others know themSelves for what they are (a powerful Force of Creation, manifested in the physical realm).

Without further adieu, I present to you my courageous friend, Lisa LeBrun’s FIRST EVER blog post “Embracing all of me”. Read those words and notice the vibration inside of you as you imagine being her while she’s writing … it is immense, and it is intense, and it is beautiful!

Please enjoy her full post here.

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How wonderful you chose this for yourself! Now all that's left is to enjoy the process of self-discovery!