Sovereignty. That’s what women want most.

That is the answer to the question what do women want most. 
But, what is that? What does it mean to be sovereign? 

Sovereignty is a power sourced from within. It is a power sourced from our connection to our Self (our body, our earth, nature, heart, all of life…). To be sovereign means to be internally referenced. But….what is that? How do I live that? I wrote a bit about my own experience here.

Patriarchy and toxic mindsets thrive on our belief in the illusion that our survival depends on self-deprecation and fear of repercussions if we dare challenge power. Who do you think you are?

Being sovereign depends on us finding the internal resources we need to own our power and take wise action on our own behalf and on behalf of all of life. In fact, our lives depend on it. 

And, we cannot do this in isolation. In that, I invite you to an upcoming 3 hour exploration on Tuesday February 22nd, 2022 to discuss What do women want? While the conversation will go where the group takes it, the question I am interested in exploring are: 

* what is sovereignty and why is it so dangerous to the status quo?
* what does it mean to be sovereign? To claim your own inner authority as valid? To live rooted from your internal truth? 
* what is the impact in your life and the collective from the belittling and critiquing of women out of standing up and into submission? 

“Patriarchy can exist as long as women are afraid” – Sonia Johnson 

* who is the ultimate authority of truth and what’s right for you in your life? 
* what are the inner shackles you have inherited from women before you that say your voice, body and mind don’t matter? 
* how willing and able are you to set boundaries without guilt? 
* how do you become skilled at enduring the discomfort that comes with growth? 

Belonging, first and foremost, to mySelf, is a sacred act of re-birth into the I AM that I am here to be. 

* how do we become more resilient and resourceful in the face of change? 
* how do we build inner safety so that the external world does not penetrate our capacity to be who and what we are? 
* how do we trust our pain sufficiently to guide us in the direction of growth and evolution? 

Every time a woman consciously chooses to embody her sovereignty, the energy field transforms. In that, more women are given permission to tap into that and become more themSelves. 

Nourish yourself in Sisterhood and simply relax into the cues of your body, listen with your whole being, and express only if it’s meaningful for you to express… in this small group, you are held, supported and embraced for exactly who you are. 

Join us this Tuesday February 22nd, 2022 Time: 5:00 – 8:00 PM EST
Investment: $25
Maximum number of participants: 8 (space is limited)

Please respond to this email if you’d like to join us. I’ll be sending out the zoom link to those who sign up a few days before the call along with a calendar link. 
I believe it is only by immersing ourselves in sacred conversations that we spark the sacred within

***If you have any questions or concerns about participating, please don’t hesitate to email me and let me know. If I can help in any way, I will.*** 

Once again, please share this opportunity with any woman you believe would be interested in this conversation. In that simple act, you would be honouring yourself, her and me.. 
I hope to see you there for what I’m certain will be a powerful conversation!

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