What Is Sovereignty?

Welcome to this series of conversations I am facilitating around the question of What is Woman

In this first experience, myself and a small group of women gathered to explore what is sovereignty? In this first episode you will hear my introduction to the conversation, and no other voices.

Over the last ten thousand years of patriarchy as the paradigm we operate from women have known systemic and systematic silencing well. We have been imprisoned by the cultural and familial messages to defer to others for answers, to be polite and appropriate and nice, to be seen and not heard. We have been taught to keep ourselves small, to not dare to want for fear of rejection, disapproval or shame, or else we will be excluded from society. We will be outcaste. We will be alone. 

It is no wonder then that so many of us have lost touch with ourselves in an effort to try to please another, believing that our survival depends on self-deprecation out of fear of repercussions if we speak out or stand up for ourselves. In essence, we have been taught to suppress our fire. 

And yet it is through women’s fire that cultural transformation occurs. 

I wonder then, what happens to authority when women embody their sovereignty? 

In my life, to be sovereign means that I am the ultimate authority over my life because I am sourced from within. In other words, I am internally referenced. I am the only one that can ever know what’s right for me, if and when I know how to listen to my S-elf and then act with radical compassion, sacred responsibility, and deep integrity and generosity of spirit. 

What do I mean by all that? Listen to this first episode to find out. 

If what you hear moves something in you that you’d like to share with me, I welcome your comments… 

Until next time,


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