When He Looks in the Mirror, He Knows: The Essence of What I AM (poem)

When my son looks in the mirror
He sees the universe
Reflected back
In his twinkle.

He stares preciously
Into his own eyes
The windows to the Soul,
With a smirk that knows:
He has been around before
Thousands of lifetimes
And here he is again
In that sensual moment
With himSelf.

He delights
In the body he has chosen
To have this earthly experience.

He stares at his eyes
With deep curiosity
With passion, even
And rejoices
In his innocent
discovery of himSelf
In this beautiful, tiny body
That magically holds
And reflects back to him
The infinity
Of his essence

In that intimate moment
With himSelf
Staring back at him,
He knows more about himSelf,
More about life
Than most adults ever give themselves permission to know.

In that sensual moment
Of unapologetic pleasure
He playfully
And delights in
What it’s like to exist!
To be Here!
An infinite being
In a finite world.

Consciousness manifesting
In the earthly realm
In this exact body.

His expression full of life,
Full of Joy!

He recognizes himSelf
In the mystery of existence.

He recognizes himSelf
Far beyond words and worldly expressions.

He recognizes himSelf
At that point where consciousness meets tissue, and expresses.

He recognizes himSelf
As the Force animating the tissue.

He recognizes
In his self-discovery.

And he delights
In the preciousness of the moment
Of discovery
And recognition.

He looks at himself
As though he knows
He is here for the miraculous journey called life…
What’s there not to smirk about…

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