Letting Go to Get Clear: FEEL!

For those who prefer to listen rather than read, here you go! I find I like reading my posts, so this will be more regular from now on. Enjoy!

The greatest gift you can give another human being is the depth of your own clarity.

Louise LeBrun

In a recent Whispers from Within email exchange with a dear friend, I came to discover a line of enquiry that felt interesting to me. I wonder… what would our world look like if we grasped less and let go more?

What would our world look like if we sought less to push and strive and manipulate to our content? What would our life look like if we let go of our desire to have IT* make sense or have IT figured out? What would our experience of life be like if we let go of the deeply internalized “shoulds” and allowed ourselves to discover...what else?
*IT: our sensations, our feelings, our pain, our experience…

How much more flow would we invite into our lives if we simply gave ourselves permission to go there? To allow what is moving through us to move, without the desire to stop it or alter it or change or have it make sense? What if, instead of trying to compress the majesty of our experience into the tiny box of the intellect, we simply gave it permission to move? What if there was no story? No content? No words? Just … sensations … moving … in flow … ?

Eventually… IT settles, and we integrate, and we discover, and we reclaim that which is true for us, in this moment …

I’ve heard Louise LeBrun say before: trying to make sense of our experience before it is, in some ways, complete (aka felt) is like trying to select with the mouse while the hard drive is still processing. Not possible to make an intelligent or coherent decision then, is it …? We can see in this case: we are trying to rush the process and likely what we’ll get is a crash. So, we wait …

What if we did the same thing with our own internal states? What if we gifted ourselves the opportunity to fully feel instead of trying to rush the process? Likely we would have no words to describe what’s going on inside of us. None would understand … and neither would we. We’d simply have the experience be what it IS. It wouldn’t need to have words; it would simply need to be felt.

It’s such a gift, to me, to feel the letting go. My friend and I spent 9 days of exchanging daily emails …and finally, on day 9, I can feel her letting go…I can feel the grasp of her intellect surrender to the greater unknown that cannot and will not be rushed. My whole being relaxes. To me, that’s when everything makes sense… without the story … without the content … simply, in the letting go.

What does it take? To give ourselves permission to be … other than the culturally conditioned “self” we’re taught to be? What does it take to give ourselves permission to feel … other than the “appropriate” feelings at the “appropriate” time and length? What does it take to simply be ourselves, and tell the truth?

When we begin to let go of what we’ve been grasping so tightly on, our whole world begins to feel different … we discover a peace that we couldn’t notice before … we notice an internal space that feels real and true for us… we begin to feel more like “ourselves”.

And there is no greater gift to Life than each being feeling fully like themselves … a part of an infinite community of living beings … all who BE their part. When we all live aligned in our Soul’s purpose, all of Life benefits …

Grasp all you want … in the end, acceptance of the Truth that lives inside you is the only thing that can, and when embraced, will set you free.

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