Accelerated Evolution: A WEL-Systems® Approach

It isn’t rare for me to be involved in deep, meaningful conversations with women who are committed to personal evolution for it’s own sake. These are the women who, despite their best efforts, were never able to adapt to a maladaptive society. These are the women who, because of those efforts to adapt, found self-destructive ways to cope. And then, one day, decided … I choose to LIVE! And from there, somehow, found a paradigm of the world that gave them permission to live, Fully Alive.

One of these spectacular women is Tessa Rae. She has started her own podcast, The Joy Of Decay, where she speaks to different women about their journey of personal evolution. In this episode, she and I had a fun-tastic conversation that isn’t always soft and fuzzy yet it is immensely Life giving!

Here we explore topics that matter to women’s souls… we talk about our journey through WEL-Systems® experiences, decloaking to ourselves and living authentic lives, parenting, the power of the Crone, grief, intimacy, provocation to expand beyond our limits, and so much more!

I, for one, loved every minute of this conversation!

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