Unlock Your True Potential: Redefining the way we see ourselves holds the key to freedom

In this world, and not of it …

Before you delve into this piece, consider inside yourself: What do you believe is a human being?

Ancient civilizations have long known what modern-day science has determined and continues to support: we are quantum-biological beings. That means: I am (we each are) quantum energy (consciousness observing itself ) coalescing around matter (body).

  • …inhale, and allow that sink in for a moment … What do you notice is going on inside your body?
    Then read on.

In the old human story, as told through the perceptual filters of allopathic-Newtonian theory, determinism, fatalism, and “survival of the strongest” are inevitable heroes that run the show of our life. In that worldview (and believe me, that’s all it is), I am captive to my genes and there’s nothing I could do but eat well, sleep well and exercise. Ok, meditate a little too because the abstract concept of mind contained within the instrument of the brain must also be exercised in this version of the story.

A long outdated and incomplete story, indeed. A patriarchal mindset imposed upon the populous without consideration of what else might also be true?

  • Do you feel the constraints of the traditional stories that culture tells us are real?
  • How do those stories leave you feeling when you consider them?
  • What stories would you have to weave to create the reality that you desire?
  • Can you give yourself permission to imagine?
  • Are you curious, at all, about what else is possible?

In the quantum world, we come to know ourselves differently.

In the world of the quantum, two things matter: 1. I am consciousness coalescing around matter; and 2. the consciousness that I am shapes the matter that “I” manifest in.
The observer necessarily affects the observed.
Consciousness necessarily affects matter.

Your thoughts matter.

We have roughly 65,000 thoughts a day. What are your most habituated thoughts? That is what shapes the quality of your reality. That is what confines you, or liberates you. That is what allows you to be in protection mode or in growth mode (never shall the two meet). What you think about becomes your greatest limitation or your greatest asset.

(And no, I don’t mean it in the tired ways this is used as repeat-enough-times-and-it-will-come-true, fake-it-till-you-make-it mantra-affirmation in the New Agey world of patriarchal Instagram spirituality out there.)

I mean as it as the undercurrents that live in your nervous system and the whole topography of your being, often out of your awareness. That’s what’s real.

To know one’s Self is the greatest gift you can give to yourself, the quality of your life, your children, the future, and the evolution of consciousness itself.

  • How well do you know yourself?
  • How well do you want to know yourself?
  • What’s your greatest fear of coming to know yourself?

What I find peculiar yet incredibly interesting is that in the world of knowledge is power, we omit so much accumulated wisdom. I find it bizarre that we have yet to integrate the power of quantum physics into redefining what we are as human beings.

Yet that’s where personal power lives. In that moment of redefinition we can give ourselves permission to live internally referenced because, as quantum beings, we have access to all of it.
How wiling are we willing to claim it?
How willing are we to go big and go Home?

Your body, your home on this planet at this time, communicates with your mind as to what to pay attention to. That you know how to listen (Quantum TLC™) or that you dismiss, defend, deny, pretend is a choice. And in the moment you make that choice, your body will respond … the more you are willing to face the Truth of what lives in the tissues of your body, the freer you will be. The more you are unwilling to face the Truth, the more dis-eased you will be. The formula is rather simple.

  • How at ease does your body feel?
  • How at ease does your mind feel?
  • How are you honouring your Truth, and how are you not?
  • How willing are you to discover how to listen to your Truth?

The sacred lives within, not without.

Your consciousness (quantum), your body (unconscious) and your mind (conscious) are in a perpetual dance. When the three work together in harmony, our bodies and minds are at peace and we live in a state of homeostasis. Joy and excitement are the natural by-products of living this way.

Join me and a small group of women for this Signature WEL-Systems® five day intensive if …

  • you are at that point in your life where living dissatisfied, diseased and discontent is no longer an option,
  • you are looking to make peace with the inner truth that just won’t leave you alone,
  • you are looking to become the version of you that you know it’s possible and yet you have no clue how to get there,
  • you are looking to transform the quality of your your life so you belong in it.

Decloaking is not a course. It is a paradigm shift.

This is about accelerated personal evolution.

It is not a one and done. It is a way of life. And, it is a first step towards evolution of consciousness (yes, it will help you “fix” your problem by transforming how you hold the problem, expanding your context about the problem and inviting you to reconsider the power of choice).

Decloaking and Living Authentically is something that is vastly different than anything out there because it introduces you to a reliable and predictable process you can engage today to begin transforming the quality of your life. Through the WEL-Systems® body of wisdom journey you discover that you are safe in your body and you can trust your body to lead you to your higher order Truth.

In essence, Decloaking and Living Authentically is the stepping stone to a paradigm shift. From being externally referenced to being internally referenced is the single, most massive mindset shift you can make that will free you from the confines of cultural conditioning internalized through your upbringing (yes, parenting is the single most powerful process we can encounter and it is the basis for how we have created all our institutions, but … that’s for another day).

The body is the sacred space where “I AM” lives.

Louse LeBrun, Founder of WEL-Systems® speaking to the power of the sacred space within that surrounds the the Truth of who we are.

If you would like to find freedom from the confines of the stories that keep you stagnated to a stale reality, join me and a small group of women in this five day, in person signature WEL-Systems® intensive only one month away!

Is Decloaking and Living Authentically the right place for you to be this April?

PS – What is your inner peace worth to you?


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