How to get to know the essence of “you”: Nassim Haramein & Quantum TLC™

How do you get to know your Self? Your essence? The truth of the totality of who and what you are? 

How do you do that when your mind and body are littered with untruth? With the imposed beliefs about you that you have internalized as real when you were a mere baby still running the show? 

The truth of what I have discovered is that when I say with the immensity of the moment, curious to discover rather than tell a story, in my body and not observing it, I become the truth I seek. In fact, I notice what the truth that I AM always was. I notice the immensity of the illusions, and more than that, I am willing to let it go, with so much RIG and grace. It isn’t mine to hold. It never, ever was. 

What is mine is the path of my choosing, of my creation. What is mine is clearing all that static so that I discover what I AM, what I have always been, in relationship to everything else. There is no separation. There is no time. There is no space. There is only the moment I am in, engaged as the quantum I AM that I am. 

The process of Quantum TLC™ has transformed my life.

It is the single most powerful process I can pinpoint to that allows me to evolve, and evolves with me. When I stay with it, my life is in flow. My body is open. My truth is evident. The illusions are a mere speck in my awareness, far far away. There is nothing to fight. Noone to brace against. Nothing to prove. Noone to make right or wrong. 

I simply am. I simply live. I simply rejoice. I simply engage that which is meaningful and lights me up. And it is only in living that way that my life belongs to me, and noone else but me. 

So many of us are so desperate to figure ourselves out, to figure out our problems, to understand, to tell a story about it, to be right. Just typing all that sends my body into “yuck” mode. Because I know there is no power there. There is only illusion. There is only pain. There is only separation from Self. And it is profoundly embedded in all of us before we can even speak. 

And the beauty of the quantum-biological beings that we are is that all of that could be alchemized and transformed into magic and truth if we just stay with the body, breathing. Nothing to do. Just be. Be the immensity of the Space that I AM. Be the totality of Life, lived. Be the universe experiencing itself. Be the universe in relationship with itself. Every quantum space within you holds the potential and possibility for all that is infinite. Because every quantum space within you is infinite. 

All that gets in your way is stories. Not even your own; someone else’s limitations, lived through you, intergenerationally. Because no one stopped to just breathe. Not to make a problem go away, but to integrate The Truth of who and what they are. Alchemized through every breath. The body as the conduit between consciousness and matter. The breath as the clearing mechanism for truth. 

What we have to “do” is allow the body to take the lead.

The body is the key; not the intellect. But…the drama is sooooo seductive. And futile. It will never get you anything more than what you’ve always got. This is rather simple math. 

What is fundamentally required is a reframe; a perceptual filter shift that allows you take off the historical-coloured glasses and look within. The reframing here is to undo the massive distrust we have been taught about the body and discover how to completely surrender to trusting the body, because it IS the conduit through which the universe that I AM expresses itself. Once you viscerally grock that you are not your body and your body is the only conduit for expression, transmission and processing, your life will transform. It can’t but not. 

Louise LeBrun has written extensively about this here, and I strongly recommend you check it out, over and over. And today, she texted me “???The processing power of/the reliance on the intellect to ‘figure it out’ is surrendered to the processing power of the body (AD to PsI), recognizing the body as the membrane between the intelligence of the Universe and its manifestation in matter in a physical realm. The intellect is TOO SLOW and TOO SMALL to process the content flow of the Universe. The point of Decloaking and Engaging (in elimination the static) is to learn what it takes to trust the body, once again.” 

It is only in beginning to trust the body that the Truth of what we are beings to reveal itself, layer after layer, infinitely. There is so much that we are taught to hold on lockdown, as if letting go will destroy us. When the truth of it is, it is only in letting go of what you think you know that you might discover how else you might choose to live your life, today? 

Two living geniuses.

In my reality, there are two geniuses alive today that merit the full attention of those of us who seek to live meaningful lives. One is Louise LeBrun and all her work with the WEL-Systems® Institute (given that it is the paradigm and the “formulas” for human behaviour) and the other is Nassim Haramein.

To find out more about how his work interconnects with mine and why it is so important, I invite you to check out this interview. Worth every nanosecond of your investment. After all, this man has done what Einstein couldn’t. This interview with Nassim has inspired so much inside me that I know I am interconnected with him in an incredibly enlivening way. I will be unpacking all of it in relation to the wisdom of WEL-Systems when I am ready. Right now, I am still rejoicing in my discoveries from it. which are so spectacularly reflected in the words of Louise LeBrun from her latest blog post, “When Nassim speaks of mathematical equations, consider the WEL-Systems Models as equations. Different language – same journey.” Indeed. This is exactly what had me in tears as I was listening to the interview, rejoicing in not only what I know, but most importantly what I live.

 Just for today, I invite you to check it out and see what it inspires in you … 

And while you listen, remember … breathing is good, Quantum TLC is best.


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