What is the nature of the unperturbed mind?

Today, I am filled with the fullness of being alive. It is so big, which I suppose makes sense how it is simultaneously bitter-sweet.

Today, my whole being is filled with a deep, visceral knowing of how rich life actually is when we shift the focus of our attention on something other than our immediate so-called problems.

We are so much fucking bigger than the things that preoccupy our minds on a regular basis …

The tragedy is, for me, when I know what I know and I look around at the puny nature of existence the vast majority of people have been brutally indoctrinated into and every fiber of my being knows: it doesn’t have to be this way …

And the Crone in me that lives in the Force of Interconnectivity knows: yes, it does …


All of this, is my creation. All of it serves a function. All of it holds innate genius, even if I can’t yet see it …

 And my truth about it? So long as I focus my attention on my intention, life expands … who I am and who I am capable of becoming becomes crystal clear.

Truth is, not everyone wants this life. But if you read my work, I believe you do. Sometimes, we know we want more … discovery … playfulness… curiosity … emergence … transformation into the fullness of our being … yet we keep telling ourselves stories of “I don’t know how…”

Well, I can’t say I’ve found THE way, and I know for me, this is the only way: Decloaking, Engaging, Manifesting over and over, as a state of being. I’m not talking about the programs here; I’m talking about the intention of the programs, internalized. The process of the programs, internalized. The power of the process, internalized. The infinite wealth of the paradigm, lived.

And so, in no particular order, these are the questions I am pondering today today…

What is the nature of the unperturbed mind?

How would you know yourself differently if you were not taught by your parents and the culture you were born into about yourself?
How much more aligned would you live with the truth of your own created experience?
What would you put your locus of attention on?
What would you be curious about?
What would you ponder in your moment to moment existence?
How would you manipulate energy?
What would you create?


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