Women and Power: The Force of Manifestation (my life is not a democracy)

Quantum TLC™ is an act of power. 

It is an act of owning the essence that I AM (we each are). It is an act of declaration: I am immense in my Presence and in the Potential of my perpetual unfurling. It is a process, and… it is not a ‘how to’; yet there are fundamentals that make Quantum TLC ‘work’. In my reality, it’s the only thing that has worked in my moments of deep desperation fuelled by shame or fear or hopelessness or righteous rage. 

I realize, however, that I am the type of person who actively seeks out transformation. I don’t settle for what is because I don’t know what could be. I stay in the unknown of my own Potential, and I surrender to the process of discovery without attachment to outcome… yet trusting, fully, that the outcome is one of my own creation. 

(Outcome is a loosely used term here because I have no other term that makes sense … because the outcome is part of the journey … it is that peak in the open-ended loop that leads to the next, deeper revelation, infinitely. Such is the nature of waves). 

To make intentional choices, I have to viscerally grock the power of the essence of what I am. There is so much science out there to prove this now; and, science is an intellectual pursuit. Without that neurological transformation in your body, it remains an intellectual knowing rather than a lived experience. 

That’s the difference amongst all the never-ending ‘how to’s’ out there that explain the human condition, but don’t delve into the process of transformation. Not good, not bad, not right, not wrong … simply a matter of: how’s that working for y?! 

Women are powerful beings.

Truth is (at least, my truth), that the biggest lie we have been told generation after generation is that we are small and powerless. Generally, that’s immediately followed up with that we need another to save us from our own misery. Yikes! The knight in shining armor and white horse ain’t coming, and even if he was, he’s willing to kiss the sleeping beauty in her sleep, y’all. I don’t know about you, but I, for one, would rather consent. 

Consent. What is that, anyway? And what’s the difference between that and capitulation? A confusion the vast majority of people in our culture have normalized, especially in the last three years. I became reminded of this in a recent conversation with a client who was using the two interchangeably. In that conversation, I realized that if the finer distinctions are not individuated inside each of our nervous systems, we use terms that are fundamentally and diametrically opposed to describe the same thing. Again, not bad or wrong, but a matter of: are you curious to unpack the differences so you free yourself from the constraints of the illusion? 

Language matters because it shapes our reality. If I am constantly capitulating and calling it consenting, then I am squarely stuck in the fault & blame paradigm that leaves me, at the end of the day, profoundly disempowered and discouraged. #nothanks 

When we think of our life as a process, not a fixed state, we leave room to engage and that’s how potential emerges. To do that, we have got to shift the context of our lives: I am not a human being; I AM the Signal from The All  streaming through this quantum-biological processing device (we call the body). Now that, dear reader, is what we call a paradigm shift. In other words: gibberish when you have no context for what I’m talking about. 

And the truth of it is, if you are curious, you can engage! And …discover! 

But if you don’t test what you think you know, if you keep repeating the same old yet hoping to get different results (because you don’t know what else to do), you will be trapped in a life of habit, in a seemingly never-ending loop that you don’t know how to get out of. (Great … here comes yet another generation raised in the loop of manipulation and powerlessness. So the cookie crumbles … and I choose to trust that there’s intelligence to that, too)

In the most recent Navigating chaos conversation, hosted by Louise LeBrun her-mother-fucking-self, I heard her say: “Whoever owns your mind, owns your future!”. Truer words have never been spoken. 

Because, your thoughts shape your perspective, your perspective shapes your choices, and your choices shape your reality. Period. If you don’t shift the context (thoughts), you are trapped in the same perspective you’ve always had (more or less) and you create the same reality you’ve always had. 

Break the pattern mindfully and intentionally through congruent choices.

The pattern interrupt that’s critical in the midst of this madness? Decloaking and Living Authentically. This is a *critical* experience to partake in if you are actually seeking to transform your mind / context / paradigm about who & what you are, so you mindfully direct your choices, and manifest your desired reality (not by accident, but by mindful intention). When you know that you are the Force of manifestation itself, the need and desire for “how to’s” disappears into an abyss that you can pull from when you know your intention and choose to live from it. 

As I type that, I am aware of the multiplicity of bullshit that lives between manifesting a meaningful reality and habitually responding to the same old. 

In the reality that I live in now, I am so comfortable deciphering the bullshit from the Truth of my experience. And, I place all the value on the truth of my experience, NOT the cultural beliefs, values and attitudes everyone else around me buys into. 

Fear, rage, outrage, hopelessness, despair, and shame are running the show of the vast majority of people ‘out there’. Everyone waiting for someone to come save them from themselves. If I were to subscribe to their ideology, I’d be living from that space, too. As Declan likes to say recently: Definitely No. I mindfully, intentionally and congruently choose not-that. In that nanosecond, I free myself to question … how else then, shall I live? 

It’s true; I don’t have a lot of friends because I am unwilling to have the typical conversations people waste their time on. And I sure as shit don’t do “sacred sisterhood” relations and all its dogmatic, unspoken family-systems rules. 

Let’s not underestimate the power of a mindful and intentional tribe.

Instead, I choose to be part of a tribe of women I consider sovereign powerhouses. A consenting participant in a tribe of women mindfully and intentionally choosing evolution. A tribe of women where each of us is free to choose meaningfully for her evolution. A tribe that trusts that no matter what’s unfolding, we are each committed to exploring the deeper and deeper inner truths that percolate and set us free (again, as a process to be embraced, not a static or fixed state). 

At the end of the day, evolution is perpetual and infinite. When I choose to live with Respect, Integrity and Generosity of Spirit for mySelf, I choose RIG for all. Because in that state, I live in abundance and trust in the magic of the Greater Unknown. In that state also, I know I AM the Force of Interconnectivity, itself, weaving realities as a means of perpetual Self-discovery. What I’m saying is: in that state of deep RIG for Life, unfurling, I am a mindful and engaged player in the infinite game … 


Women are not taught how to live like this (neither are men). Instead, women are “groomed to be marriable” (participant in Navigating Chaos). Women are taught to be property – just look at what women will do to themselves to keep a man (any man!) around so they feel chosen and therefore valued. Women are conditioned to be a resource for others to feed from, so self-sacrifice is considered a high value virtue in almost all cultures worldwide. We are conditioned to put everyone’s needs before our own, and watch the mounting resentment build into a plethora of autoimmune disorders. We are programmed to be dependent on another, usually a man, for money, status, resources, etc. We are taught that to be ‘nice’ is more important than to be truth-full, so we learn early on how to silently manipulate (ourselves, first and foremost) in order to get what we want. 

Open, honest, clear and direct is the antithesis to how most women live, mainly because we are conditioned to believe that we need permission to fucking breathe. In that state, it makes sense that we would do anything to seek validation, agreement and understanding from outside ourselves. So we desperately wait for Prince Charming to show up and swoop us from our reality into his (isn’t that every Disney movie, after all? The fairytale of happily ever after) … *insert vomit emoji here, please*.

This is how women learn to develop a relationship with powerlessness. With victimhood. With self-loathing. With righteous rage. With despair. With resentment. With weaponized compassion. With weaponized vulnerability. With illusion … 

Because… “It’s not nice to be definite,” says Louise LeBrun. 

Powerful women are fucking annoying.

because we know: my life is not a democracy.

When women live from that paradigm (aforementioned), their lives fucking suck. I know, I’ve been there. And from that space, another woman who lives her Truth becomes fuuuuuucking annoying. 

As it turns out, all of society believes that powerful women are annoying (hence why they shun the Crone). Why? Because we are unwilling to not call a spade, a spade. Because we don’t linger in self-loathing or any form of abuse. Because we dare! Because we defy the status quo of our own lives (and therefore culture). Because we don’t buy into the illusions. Because we actively seek The (perpetually evolving) Truth. Because we know we are powerful. Because we are definite. Because we are resilient. Because we are resourceful. Because we seek authenticity and evolution for its own sake. Because we live with Self-RIG. Because we move on. Because we value ourSelves. Because we increasingly don’t give a fuck what you think … because we live from the congruency of our own internal cues. 

In that, we are free to Intentionally choose, and therefore manifest

At the end of the day, “my life is not a democracy” – Louise LeBrun. My life is mine to be lived my way, and if another has an opinion … well, you know what they say about opinions … 

If you are one of the women who is seeking to empower herself, I have discovered a process that works. I also know why it works. I know it is reliable and replicable, therefore anyone can live it. I know its power comes from the largest evolving context: I AM the godForce manifesting in tissue, and when I choose from that Space, magic unfurls … 

If you’re curious about embracing a way of life that renders you power-full in the manifestation of your own life, message me for a free one hour consultation. 


This is an outtake about embracing Decloaking as a process, from the Unapologetically Unfuckwithable yearlong I facilitate.


Because doing more of the same will get you more of what you’ve got.

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