Transcending A Life of Mediocrity: What else is possible?!

A life of mediocrity was never my thing. 

I always wanted more

More than I ever felt was permitted to me by my culture, my family, or a dogmatic and punitive god. 

I also knew by the ripe age of four that if I am to survive this world, I better adapt and be what I thought everyone else around me wanted me to be. A very intentional and wise decision, despite its eventual consequences… 

My journey Home has not been easy. It has taken many twists and turns, from proudly being an Honour Roll student to suddenly being in an abusive relationship facing marital rape, psychiatric breakdowns, suicide attempts, violence, drugs … and rock ‘n roll

At one of my many low points, I felt like I was fundamentally flawed. There had to be something wrong with me, because I was the crazy one in a world full of (what in Narcotics Anonymous they call) “normies”. 

You see, that’s the fundamental lie that plagues our global cultural beliefs. Everything is peachy out there and if you feel anything but numb to all the (utterly indisputable) bullshit, then there’s something wrong with you.

So now you spend your whole damn life seeking to somehow measure up to a standard that is, quite literally, unattainable

Here’s a newsflash, ladies: there is nothing wrong with you –

in fact, quite literally the opposite: you are the godForce manifesting in tissue… the magnificence of all that it is to be a multidimensional, conscious being of light, manifested. 

The problem isn’t who you are: the problem is the internalized beliefs you carry like old baggage that you have long outgrown but you don’t know where to put it down so you keep carrying it. And, there are ways to integrate it all so you finally let it go…

My fundamental belief about it is that external goals have been intentionally designed to be unattainable. This is why the target of ‘enough’ keeps moving

This is why that undercurrent of “never enough” runs through all our veins. 

This is why that undercurrent of “imposter syndrome” runs through our minds.

This is why that undercurrent of “what’s the point” runs our life. 

Something magical happens when we begin to notice that the lies we have internalized as real are nothing but lies

When this realization becomes visceral, our lives transform.

Why? Because the realization frees us to look for alternative ways of moving through the world. It frees us to no longer have to pretend. It frees us to choose, at the very least, not-that.

And in choosing not-that, we open up our neural pathways to consider: what else? 

What else was available to me other than domestic violence? Drugs? Psychiatry?
What else was available other than policy work and the “golden handcuffs”? 
What else was available to me other than existentialism, nihilism, anarchy and chaos? 
What else was available to me than a conversation of power that did not give my power away to corporations, governments, and the narratives of the post-industrial complex turned to “fourth industrial revolution”? 

My point is: I was always a very smart lady. I studied criminology because I wanted to know how the human condition works. I wanted to understand our mind and the interconnection between our psychology and our environment. I wanted to understand who has power in our society, and how those power structures are institutionally reinforced. That’s why I honed in on “Media Construction of Campus Sexual s thesis. If you want to skim through it, do so here.

But knowing things and living my truth are not the same thing. 

Knowing (intellectually) gives my intellect a break to trust that I know. Truth is, I have always known (viscerally)… not some so-called objective fact, but my truth about my experience. Yet somehow I still couldn’t live it. I constantly second-guessed myself. 

What gets in the way? 

With the deepest of gratitude (and that oversaturated word will never do), applying the body of knowledge Louise Lebrun has created undoubtedly gave my life back. 

I don’t do this work because I want to be famous; I do this work because I experience, first hand, the transformation women go through when they choose to live this way

It’s not an intellectual pursuit; that will only get you so far. 

It’s a literal paradigm shift. About yourSelf. About your body. About your beliefs. About your world. About what’s meaningful. About what’s possible.

If you have outgrown the life you are currently living but you don’t know (or don’t trust!) what else to do, I invite you to simply have a conversation with me. Despite how it may seem, I promise I won’t bite. 

I’ll tell you what I want… *what I really, really want* is for each.and.every.single.woman on the planet to get her life back

Quite a mission – I know. And while I don’t know how to make that possible for everyone, I know without a shadow of a doubt, the process that makes that available to anyone who is looking for it. 

It is a reliable and replicable process, which makes it a scientific methodology. 

It is not a complicated process, yet what does it take to live it?! So much stuff comes up, for most women.

Fear… of being left out; of being humiliated; of getting it wrong; of standing out; of offending someone; of leaving their shitty lives behind. 

While that is true for all of us on our Journey Home, the good news is that with courage, persistence and perseverance, we can live magical lives as the multidimensional quantum-biological beings that we are. 

Here’s the thing: you either are, or you are not, curious about yourSelf
You would have heard by now that your mind is programmable. Do you wish to know HOW?! 
You would have heard that you are a quantum-biological being of light. Do you wish to know what that practically means? 
You would have heard that your internalized belief systems create your reality. Do you wish to integrate those and discover what’s authentic and meaningful and true for you

It’s certainly not easy living this way. Habits are installed before our capacity to think in language. Habits, like pain, live in our spectacular nervous system, not our puny intellect. 

Habits are replaceable

You just have to know: with what?! 

Perhaps, like me, you have tried to “om” and “ong” and yoga your way to a new habit over 40 days (or whatever other dogmatic number you wanna pick). Perhaps you have tried to read and intellectualize your way through your pain. Perhaps you have tried to medicate your way through it, or talk your way through it, or meditate your way through it … or…

But. Bypassing and distractions will never get you the life you want. 

The only way Home is through the rabbit hole that you seek to avoid. That’s where all the goodies live!

Imagine a reality where you trusted that 100%. 
Imagine a reality where you knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that your pain is the gateway to your evolution
Imagine a reality where you knew your pain was the gateway to your evolution and you knew the process to apply when you felt triggered.
Imagine a reality where you viscerally knew the power of your creativity and you unapologetically engaged it.

Imagine a life that belongs only to you…  

The process I have intentionally chosen to embrace (over my historical and familiar destructive adaptive and reactive habits) is called Quantum TLC™. 

Quantum TLC is not a strategy; it is a way of life. It is the process to engage in every waking moment. It is how we were intended to live if we were to be left alone and just be (instead of being treated as empty vessels to be filled with content that serves the culture). It is inviting and allowing the energy to be in flow…trusting, fully, that it is intelligence in flow.

Quantum TLC has, quite literally, saved my life. Without it, I’d be destitute. An empty dessert on fire about everything, spewing my righteous rage all over those I love most because I feel powerless in having the life I want. Why? Because the greatest pain for me was not knowing the essence of my being.

Ooof. Just writing that makes my heart beat faster … good thing I know what to do with that! 

This process works. The trick is to choose it … and for that to happen, you must stay awake, aware, and intentional. 

Non-politicized science has long now been speaking to the irrefutable fact that we are Quantum (first) and biological (second) beings of light. We are a living and breathing paradox

Our bodies receive and respond to Signals from the field of all interconnected consciousness. What is that?! And why does it matter that it is me?! And if it is, how do I choose to live knowing that?! 

I think the fact that science is catching up to a fact about who and what we are as human beings is epic. And I love hearing and reading and experiencing the discoveries. 

However, no matter what science tells us, if we don’t learn how to live it in our day to day life, even these immense and spectacular discoveries remain…well, theoretical.

This is the Sacred Gift that the WEL-Systems body of wisdom has to offer anyone who is interested: the process to engage to get your life back. To know viscerally and intimately what Nassim Harramein and Gregg Braiden and J. Robert Openheimer and anyone who speaks the quantum language has been telling us for a hundred years about the *very essence* of our being.

We are, undoubtedly, quantum-biological beings. Question is: do we know how to live it?! 

Here’s my personal take on it: given that this is simply how I choose to live my life, I am indifferent to facts and alternative facts (LOL) as externally imposed. That there is, or there isn’t, scientific proof won’t change my mind about that which I live. Why? Because I experience it. I know it. I know it intimately. I know it viscerally. I know it without a shadow of a doubt… and, I have lived it long enough now to wholeheartedly trust it

Which is why I teach it. Because it matters to me that women who are seeking, find. It matters to me that you choose an alternative to the slow and brutally painful death of being not-yourSelf.

It matters to me that you know yourSelf… 

So this is why I have created all the experiences that I have created and will continue to create until the day I draw my final, luxurious breath … and exhale with deep, visceral gratitude for having lived a magnificent life worth a damn… 

If you are one of the women I am referring to, please know that you are not alone … there is a small but mighty International community of women seeking (and living!) accelerated personal evolution by intention. If you’d like to dip your toes in the waters of this WEL-Systems paradigm, I invite you to consider the plethora of options available to you. 

At the end of the day … if you commit to your evolution, you can’t get it wrong! So, choose to delve in and play so you discover how to trust the process! 


Because doing more of the same will get you more of what you’ve got.

If you’re weary, start with anything in the Self-directed evolution domain. The WEL-Systems Shop is a good place to start – choose intuitively which set of audio files you want to listen to, and delve in! From there, there is group support that’s available with three different CODE Model Coaches. 

You can also start with any of my free or low-cost resources found here. I believe journaling is a critical process to self-discovery so I incorporate a lot of questions for you to consider as you read/listen/engage. 


an invitation to an expansive playground…


If you are ready for a deeper dive with me, there are lots of coaching options available. I would start by sending me an email and letting me know where you are in life and what you’re looking for. Then we’ll book a complimentary call to chat about what’s possible for you. 

If you love the deep waters and are ready to practice swimming, I offer plenty of group coaching experiences ranging from monthly drop-in calls, to five day intensives, to a yearlong all about embracing personal power


PS – if this blog post sparked something in you, I invite you to share it with a woman (or two) in your life who you believe would benefit from reading it.

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