What do

women want?

I find it fitting that today, as I write this invitational piece that flows through me, is valentine’s day. The day of love.

Some say, this is what women want most: Love. 

I’m not so sure about that… 

While listening to one of my favourite books, “If Women Rose Rooted”, I heard the fable of Gawain and Lady Ragnelle. It quickly became one of my favourite stories from Celtic mythology (right after The Madness of Mis, which I wrote about here). 

In this story of sacred marriage between Gawain and Lady Ragnelle we discover the answer to the timeless question: What do women want? 

When I heard the answer to the riddle my whole body vibrated and I had tears flowing. Everything inside me vibrated a giant YES! That feels so right inside of me. That is what I want most! In fact, my whole life has been devoted to it… 

So, what is that which women want most?
To find out, you’ll have to read the fable

Without giving too much away, I’d like to say that to me, it’s not as simple as the freedom to make our own choices.

It’s not about having power over, either.

It is much more about our birthright to take up our ancient role as the moral and spiritual authority of matter (the land).

Women, awakened, are powerful forces that shape culture. 

Women have always been the creators, the birthers, the ones whose bodies know intimately what it means to surrender to matter. We are the ones whose blood flows to create life. After all, our bodies are designed to birth! At all logical levels! 

The sacred marriage of the crucible & spear / feminine & masculine /yin & yang

Existing in Harmony

In seeking to restore the crucible / deep feminine in ourselves and our culture, it is critical to keep in mind that our problems are not caused by the presence of the masculine qualities, but instead the fact that those qualities have become dominant and are not moderated to the point they have become pathological.

In that, feminine qualities have followed suit…

In the marriage of Gawain and Ragnelle, Gawain represents the spear / deep masculine principle that does not resort to domination and control as king, but instead he has compassion, courtesy and honour to allow Ragnelle, representing the crucible / deep feminine, to follow her own carved path. She decides her path; he gives her permission. And in that interaction, they are both freed.

This marriage represents the sacred unity of the two Forces of creation: consciousness (the spear / masculine) penetrating matter (the crucible of creation / feminine) and creating a unified and harmonious existence. 

This isn’t about men and women — this is about the Forces within each of us that drive the bus of our existence. For women to get what we want most, we must do so in sacred marriage to the totality of what we are.

Each of us holds within us both energies and qualities required to make us whole.

Quite simply, one form of energy cannot exist without the other.

The sacred marriage of the two inside each individual is essential to the harmonious functioning of a healthy world.

Join me

in this conversation

First, if you are called to find out the answer to this riddle of what women want most, you can do so here

If what you discover about yourself through this fable awakens something inside of you and you’d like to explore that with other like-minded women, join me for an undoubtedly powerful conversation centered around reclamation of that which is already ours, because we say so.

In this exploration with each other we will explore: 

* What do women want? What do you, as a woman, want?

* How can women get that which we want?

* What’s standing in our way of getting that which we want? 

* Are we willing and able ti give our own selves permission to get that which we want?

* How do you experience the sacred marriage between consciousness (spear /yang / masculine) and creation (crucible / yin / feminine) within yourself?

* Are there conflicts you are aware of within this sacred marriage inside yourself?  

* How do we become that which is our birthright to be?  

Time & Space to Join

Date: Tuesday February 22nd, 2022 

Time: 5:00 – 8:00 PM EST

Investment: $25

Maximum number of participants: 8 (space is limited)

I’ll be sending out the zoom link to those who sign up a few days before the call along with a calendar link.

As always

This is WEL-Systems Conversation

As with all conversations I facilitate, this conversation will be framed from the WEL-Systems® body of knowledge. It is a particular paradigm that encourages us to live from an internally referenced space, from the truth of our own experience.

What this conversation is NOT: a space to simply complain about the state of reality “out there”; a place to judge or shame people for their choices; about good/bad/right/wrong; or a place to tell people what to do. It is a space where everyone is welcomed exactly as they are while seeking to discover their own immense power.

In my experience, I’ve discovered that personal power lives in the choice of the moment as directed by my own internal cues. In that, I can never be “wrong” for myself. 

I invite you to share this opportunity with women, non-binary folk and transgendered women you know who you believe would be interested. 

I look forward to engaging with whomever is attracted to engage in this undoubtedly powerful exploration of self! 

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