what would your life look like if you embraced


as a way of life…?

If you are seeking to deCODE how you came to be who you are and explore who you are capable of becoming,

join us for this four module self-exploration journey of getting to know your own mind through the WEL-Systems® body of wisdom
CODE Model Coaching™, and Quantum TLC™.

(because inching your way to greatness is proving itself no-fun …)  

August 23, 25, 28, & 30
@5:30 – 8:30 PM EST
over Zoom

Perhaps you feel like have tried everything out there. 

Yet at the end of the day,
still feel crazy… 

(lonely, discouraged, dissatisfied, disconnected, self-sabotaging, outraged, enraged, powerless, defeated…).


You are not alone. 

& it’s not for lack of trying.



My belief about it?

It might be because everything out there seems to give pieces of the puzzle, but never the process of how to *complete your own puzzle*. 

After all, you are your most precious enigma… 

and once you have access to the process of how you came to be who you are

you can shift the context about who and what you are as a human being

and in that instant,



And as they say in NLP,

everything is context dependent 

What if
THE thing you’re looking for is not
yet another tired strategy but access to a methodology that transforms the topography of your neurology? 

What if
THE thing you’re looking for is not
yet another expert but learning a methodology of how to trust yourself and live from that congruent and fecund space of being internally referenced?  

What if
THE thing you’re looking for is to
leap into a *paradigm shift* about who and what you know yourself to be? 

In other words:








A module based self-exploration journey intended to help you:

1. begin to unpack & understand how you came to be who you are

and 2. consider the possibility of greatness as your essential nature…

through the WEL-Systems body of knowledge.  



how to reclaim personal power

Why WEL-Systems?

you may be wondering …

because …

WEL-Systems® has given me my life back. The past does not define me, the moment I live in is where potential lives, and the future unfolds from the choices I make today.

Stela Murrizi
(From my testimony post Decloaking, found here)

Let’s be honest …
Rediscovering who you are is no easy feat.

And we must start somewhere.

So let’s start with unpacking the process of how you came to be who you are,
and then delve into what’s
possible once you awaken to what you are.


+ Four self educational modules delivered over four days in a live group-coaching style, lasting three hours per module. 

+ Learn what it might mean for you to adopt living from the WEL-Systems paradigm by exploring the foundational models that make up this life-enriching journey.

+ Unpack how you came to be who you are and what’s possible for you moving forward through the models.

+ Contextualize the new information using your lived experience.

+ Discover the Quantum-Biological Human and how that’s different from allopathic understandings of what we are as human beings, and why that matters.

+ Explore how the human body stores and processes experience.

+ Discover the power of the body to lead, why it must, and how to begin trusting it. 

+ Get introduced to and have the opportunity to experience the impact of Quantum TLC (as the new process to replace your habits).

+ Explore your habituated ways of breathing and how to pattern interrupt that. 

+ Learn about elemental breathing and it’s potential impact in your life (Earth, Water, Fire and Air breath as well as the Huna Ha breath).

+ Explore what happens when we discover how to interpret the Signals that our bodies are giving us.

+ Explore what is the CODE Model and why it is so potent as a framework for understanding ourselves.

+ Discover how to decipher through the noise, tune in to your truth and make choices that are in alignment with your highest intention.



If you’re anything like me …

You love the details.

So let’s unwrap the way this experience works…

The intention of these four modules is to help you answer your lifelong questions about
who you are and how you came to be you.

MODULE 1: Big Picture – Introduction to what’s possible

Considers the question: “How else might I choose to live MY life, today?”

Models explored:

  • Structure of Reality:“What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know. It’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so.” – Mark Twain
  • Predictable Structure of Thought: THE tool to understand how your mind works.
  • Iceberg of the Self: Our internalized ‘programming’ ensures a predictable outcome of personality-as-identity. Discover how to uncover what you don’t know you don’t know about yourself
  • Icebergs Interacting: Calibrate for deeper communication with another human being; this is both an art and science.  
  • Androgynous Baby: All about the process of how you came to be who you are. It is a process that *everyone* on the planet goes through.
  • Nested Living Systems: Fractals repeat. Patterns repeat. What you learn at home becomes the platform for how you behave in the world. This is true for everyone you encounter.
  • Quantum Biological Human: To change your life, you have got to change your mind about *what* you are as a human being. This is the paradigm shift …

MODULE 2: Exploring how the human body stores and processes experience.

Considers the question: “Can I trust that I am safe in my own body?”

In this module, we’ll explore the following models: 

  • Quantum Biological Human: This model becomes the platform for the paradigm shift that is available to us all when we understand who and what we are. 
  • BioBaby: With NLP as the “owner’s manual”, we will explore how the body is built, how it works and why this matters. 
  • Signals Dancing: How do you know what truth is? How do you know how to listen for it? How do you know to trust it? In this model, we explore the three main “signals” that transmute through your body that make up who you show up as in the world. If you are curious about the interplay of “messages” you receive and you are curious how to hone in to the ultimate Truth, you don’t want to miss this!  
  • WEL-Systems Communication Model: Building on the work done by NLP and expanding the context, this model educates you as to why you *must* trust your inner cues to lead you.
  • Quantum TLC: The most potent process to engage when triggers present. When Quantum TLC becomes habituated, accelerated evolution becomes a way of life! 

MODULE 3: Trusting the body to lead

Considers the question: “How does letting go give me back my life?”

Models explored:

  • Quantum TLC: “is the life-altering experience that accelerates evolution by allowing the body to do what it is designed to do – and all we have to do is get out of the way.”
    – Louise LeBrun
  • The CODE Model: Now let’s delve into the meat (make it veggie, please)-and-potatoes of understanding who and what we are and bringing it all together.

MODULE 4: Finding the Spirit, within.

Considers the intention: “What am I if I am not my body?”

Models explored:

  • The CODE Model: Let’s delve a little deeper into what it means to be a living expression of the CODE Model. What does it mean to be “Creation Out of Deep Energy”? 
  • Quantum TLC: “Quantum TLC is not a strategy – it is the evolutionary byproduct of an ever-deepening trust in knowing we are not the matter we animate – we are the Animating Force that shapes the matter that serves us.” -Louise LeBrun 
  • 21st Century Huna: Our bodies don’t take direction from the intellect, but from the higher self. Together we will explore what this means and why this is a critical model if we are to finally *let go* of trying so desperately to figure it out and what to do instead.

With a new perspective comes a new realization.

With a new realization comes a new choice.

With a new choice comes a profoundly different life.

-Louise LeBrun

If you want to get to know yourSelf and how you came to be who you are, this is the place to be. 

Educate yourself to the possibility of your highest potential.  


Your mind is programmable.  If you’re curious about the formula, this is for you.

Get to know how you came to be so you can make choices about who you might become. (Does anyone else sense potential?!)


Safety is key to transformation. Without safety, there can be no evolution

Discover how your body works so you know how to decipher its messages & begin to trust it.

PS: The body can never lie.


Once you know how the body works and that is why it is the only place that safety can be found, you can begin to let go, and trust the body to lead. …


Your liberation, of course!  


Once you know your body is the key to self-discovery, the next question to ponder is … 

If I am not not body, then what am I? 

This is the key to discovering who you are.

iWhile  you can sign up to *each* module individually,

I do have a series of sweet bonuses if you sign up to all four modules:


A set of daily emails with supporting educational material related to enhancing the experience of the live calls so you *prime* yourself prior to the calls. 


Daily emails on what we learn and why that matters to you with:

>>> a short informative paragraph or two 

>>> a link to an informative blog or two 

>>> a link to a video or sound file

>>> two to three questions for you to ponder as you move through your day. 

Free email coaching throughout the duration of the experience.

A 10% discount to Decloaking and Living Authentically (coming up in September).

Some kinds words

Clients have shared with me…


What if you intentionally chose
to discover how your mind works, today?


It isn’t easy to choose something unknown;
but how else do you expand your mindset and let go of the stale same-old? 


You could keep doing what you’ve always done hoping for different results… 

But when you already feel like you’ve tried everything and you’re still in the rat race inside your mind, perhaps it’s time to consider: How else might I choose to live MY life, today?

 >>>Let me help you with that in module 1. 

 You could also keep doing your yoga and meditations and somatic stretches hoping to eventually heal the trauma stored deeply in your body… 

But if you don’t viscerally understand the intelligence of the messages of the body, you will be perpetually enslaved to your habits.  

>>> Let me guide you to what’s possible through your body in modules 2 and 3. 


You could keep searching for glimpses of your essence through plant-medicine ceremonies or intensive meditation retreats.  

But, those only last momentarily, cost an arm and a leg,  and do not penetrate the sphere of your moment-to-moment existence.  

>>> Let me show you how to find and live from the essence of your being in module 4.  


Habituated ways of moving through the world cost us dearly.

Yes, they cost us money … and they cost us time, energy, and most importantly: quality of life.


It is time to mindfully let go of the illusion of incremental change and intentionally choose … 


as a way of life

$399 for all four modules 

or $125 purchased individually

Mark your calendar:

MODULE 1: Wednesday August 23rd
MODULE 2: Friday August 25th
MODULE 3: Monday August 28th
MODULE 4: Wednesday August 30th

Time: 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM EST

Over zoom: private link provided once you sign up

How to sign up: as simple as email me!

How to pay: e-transfer after you sign up

Attendees: Minimum 3 and maximum 8 women per module.

Let’s hang out …

A reminder of what you get:

Four modules delivered live in a small-group coaching environment (over Zoom). 

An intimate experience with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 women. 

Education on how you came to be who you are and to the possibility of who you are capable of becoming.

Exploration of all-things WEL-Systems and its potential to enhance the quality of your life by transforming your thinking about who and what you are and how to engage your moment. 

Each module is delivered in a live three-hour coaching call in an interactive format that is participant-led. 

An opportunity to be part of a growing collective of women, evolving by intention!

BONUS: Access to the accelerated evolution workbook after the four modules to help you stay internally referenced.


Module 1: the big picture exploration of what’s possible

Considers the question “how else might I choose to live MY life, today?”  



an exploration of how the human body stores and processes information.

Considers the question “can I trust that I am safe in my own body?”


an exploration of how trusting the body to lead is the key to your liberation.

Considers the question “how does letting go give me back my life?”


Module 4: explores what it means to find the Spirit, within.

Considers the question “where do I end and Spirit begins?”

For those who purchase all four modules, you also get … 

BONUS: daily emails to help accelerate your education. 

BONUS: free email coaching throughout the duration of the experience.

BONUS: 10% discount off “Decloaking and Living Authentically” coming up in September.  

I want you to have what you want.

My NO BS guarantee.

Because I live what I teach, I trust the power of this paradigm to have a profound impact on the quality of your life. 

While I know the potential WEL-Systems based experiences hold for transformation, I also know the level of depth we delve into is not for everybody.

>>> So if you show up to the first module you paid for and you did not get what you believe was promised, I will refund you your money back.

This is your risk-free-guarantee.

If you’re called to, join us; what have you got to lose?!  

Come educate yourself to a different potential 

yes that’s my son’s “art” in the background.
Kuz I like keepin’ it real 😉

And just who am I?

Hi, I’m Stela Murrizi and the essence of my being is to guide women like you to live a congruent life through making mindful choices.

I work with women who are willing  and ready to walk the walk. I can teach you how, because I went through the process myself and I live it daily (and therefore I trust it 100%). 

Why do I teach this stuff, you ask? Because, this way of living gave me my life back. And now I use it to guide women like you evolve into your highest potential* by getting to know yourself.

My job, as I see it, is to help you discover the process that leads to a mindset shift about who and what you are so you get CLEAR about what matters to you and how to live it – without breaking the budget – and without ever taking another self-help course or reading another “how to” book.

Everything you need is already in you. All you gotta do is discover how to unlock its potential… 

This is why I created this four module experience – to introduce you to the possibility of an alternative way of living that opens up potential and possibility…  

It is time for you to begin to trust yourself. 

And in order to trust yourself, you have to get to know yourself. 

And to know yourself, you have to discover a process you trust

…and from there, your context about who and what you are expands… 

This is how you get off the rat race and evolve.

Come play and discover your own answers

Work with me if you’re looking for a no-bulshit-call-it-like-I-see-it type person that is also compassionate and kind…

Are you ready?

Kind words about working with me …

Here are a few things that I have come to know about Stela over these last years.  There are many words I could use to describe who I have come to know her to be:  fierce… courageous… fearless… unrelenting… edgy.  She hears and sees things and is unwilling to look away and pretend that she does not.  Her grasp of this WEL-Systems® body of knowledge is broad and deep; her trust in the natural unfolding of its expression is without question.  All of these are formidable and compelling and immensely powerful in the dance of perpetual evolution for its own sake. 

But what makes me trust her with my life and yours… trust without question both her willingness and ability to stand with me as I take a stand for myself… is the depth of her compassion and caring.  Her willingness to stay… present and engaged… without judgment and without the need to protect herself. Such immense RIG for herSelf and others… and all of it, expressing in wave after wave after wave of her own great joy in this Life-altering journey of discovery!  Does not get much better than that.

Louise LeBrun
(founder of WEL-Systems)

Karina Evangelista


Stela, I was honoured to be a part of your first Decloaking intensive, and you fucken’ rock! Your awareness of the little parts of us that hide, YOU reveal. You staying present to what was moving through me and my boundary, you stayed present to yourself during what it called up in you.
I hear Louise LeBrun often say: as CODE Model Coaches, the people we engage with can only grow to the level WE allow OURSELVES to grow, reveal and be seen, and you, Stela, demonstrated fearlessness within your growth! A sense of curiosity within yourself and within me. Really this was a magical moment for me and because of that my life is different. Your willingness, and fearlessness, helped me and I want people to know that.

I attended a six day residential WEL-Systems® retreat with Stela as the facilitator. This experience was the highlight of my life! Stela is simply extraordinary as a coach. She is the godForce embodied, wisdom, calm, ultimate generosity and intelligence speaking to, and uncovering, that place in me. She is that self realized and courageous soul that dares to see your truth and dare to call you up on it. There are no words to express my gratitude and knowing Stela. I know she can hold me in complete safety and take me where I want to go.

Randi White

I work with women who are hungry for something BIG!

Here’s how to know if that’s you:


+ You are looking to understand the essence of your being. 
+ You are hungry for depth and breadth
You have tried what feels like everything under the sun and are nearing the end of your rope. 
You are seeking lasting transformation, not catharsis and glimpses of what’s possible.
You are seeking something practical and concrete to engage in daily life and when shit-hits-the-fan. 
You are seeking to understand how you came to be who you are so you might free yourself from the confines of the past and delve ever so deep into your own future potential. 
You are intentional about how you move through your world and are seeking how to become more
You have been around the block and are looking for deeply transformative experiences, and in that, you are ready to take sacred personal responsibility for yourself. 
You are creative and curious. You love exploring your internal landscape and you are perpetually exploring your inner landscape, curious about what you’ll discover next. 
You are a seeker who is seeking something BIG to help enrich the quality of your life
You are looking to simplify rather than add noise to your life. In fact, you may be done with the external noise and are looking for internal peace. 
You just *know* there is a way of life out there that delivers you to your highest potential, even though you haven’t found “it” quite yet. 
You are done trying to escape or numb your problems (since they keep following you, anyway)
+ You are ready to take ownership of your life through navigating the chaos.
You are finally starting to grok that becoming the best version of you is what’s best for everyone, so you are ready to put yourself first.
You are seeking to become better educated about who you are, and how to live from that space of knowing thyself. 
You are ready to create a meaningful life for yourself and those you care about. 
More than anything, you want to feel whole, worthy, acknowledged, cherished, valued by yourself (although you still think someone else can give you that missing piece).

+You are seeking to discover the purpose of your life: why are you here, anyway?
+ You feel like our species is running out of time, yet you seek expansion in the midst of collapse
You know you are part of the leaders of the new world. You may be terrified, but you know it
You are looking for a way to trust your body. To do that, you know you have to better understand the language of your body.

+ You are eager to discover your own power, stand in it and emerge through it. 

This experience is not for you if:

+ You are looking to keep doing what you’re doing and seeking validation.
+ You are certain about your worldview and prefer not to challenge it. 
You are looking for temporary catharsis and not transformation. 
You do not want to take responsibility for yourself or your life.
You would rather keep blaming anyone else for your problems. 
You are looking for an expert to fix your problems. 
You are genuinely uninterested in how else to live. 

…if you do choose to participate, you will leave the experience with having a greater sense of how else you might consider reframing a problem, how you came to be who you are, and who you are capable of becoming.

You will awaken to the power of a considered choice and how to make that choice within the pressures your historical habits.

You will discover that incremental is an illusion, and accelerated evolution is our birthright because it is the essence of what we are and THAT directs who we are capable of becoming.

If you’re ready to reclaim your power by reframing what you think you know about yourself

Introduction to Accelerated Evolution is the place to be. 

About the experience

Here’s what others have asked
before working with me!

What if I’ve never heard of WEL-Systems before? Will I understand what you’re talking about? 

Absolutely! This is designed and intended to be an introductory experience. So even if you’ve never even heard of WEL-Systems, you are welcome. Fair warning tho: it will blow your mind! 

Is there anything I can do to help prepare me for the experience?

While you do not need to do anything, I suggest you start with listening to the FREE first CD of the “Decloaking and Living Authentically” audio files, here. 

To deepen your experience, I suggest you purchase the full set and listen before and/or during the duration of the modules. 

How is this different from everything else out there? 

Great question! And that’s exactly the point of this four module experience: to help you understand that it is different by showing you the stepping stones of how you came to be who you are. Because the process is predictable, it is reliable. It is a practical exploration to help you uncover how your mind-body-spirit connection actually works and what that means for you in your day to day life. 

I have so many courses and other things on the go. What if I don’t have time for this?

The commitment for this experience would be 3 hours for every module. While I will be sending daily emails to the participants who sign up for all four modules, you do not have to complete anything as this is not a course or a training. It is an experiential educational experience, which means that it requires you to be present during the live conversation. 

Will you be recording the conversations and disseminating them? 

Given the intimacy of the conversations, I will only be recording the introduction to each module and sharing that with participants. However, the benefit you get happens during the live call. 

What if I miss a call, will you refund me? 

Because there are only 8 spots per module, my preference is that you do not miss any calls. And I understand that life happens, so here are a few options: 1. If you contact me to let me know and I find another person to take your spot, I will refund you 100% of your money. 2. If I do not find another person, I can offer you a. 50% of the money you paid for the module back, or b. the full amount applied toward another experience with me. 

I just don’t think I can spend that right now! Is there a payment plan? 

If you are unable to pay in full before module 1 begins, you can pay in four payments over the two weeks at no extra charge or interest.  

Do you offer refunds?

I get behind what I teach 100%. If you show up to the first module (whichever your first module is) and you discover these experiences aren’t for you, I will refund your money, no questions asked.   

Can I sign up anytime?

Sure can! Because this is my first time running this experience, you get the early bird price of $399. After that the price goes to $449.

What other kind of support is offered throughout?

I want you to have a rich experience, and so I am offering free email coaching throughout the duration of the experience. I welcome any questions, any comments, any thoughts that you want to explore with me. 

And if I want one-on-one coaching throughout? 

Great! Happy to create a unique package for your needs! All you have to do is ask. 

Does the 10% off Decloaking and Living Authentically intensive apply if I participate in one module? 

At this time, I am offering the 10% off as a bonus to anyone who signs up for all four modules. If you are called to participate in the Decloaking experience, let’s have a complimentary conversation about it. 

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

As always, I’m but an email away!

If you made it all the way here…

YOU’RE MY TYPE—I weigh decisions like crazy, too

while you dont’ know what you dont’ know,

you now know that accelerated evolution is possible …

…all you have to do is find out how.

And in the moment of saying “yes”, your world explodes with potential and possibility yet unknown

So join me in this decoding journey and discover an alternative way of living … 


This [body of knowledge] will offer you the opportunity to move beyond the content of your thoughts and begin to notice that there is a far greater framework within which your thoughts take shape and from which they emerge.  Change that (a higher order expression of Being) and you change your life!

– Louise LeBrun (founder of the WEL-Systems Institute)