This Moment IS My Life

There is a powerful yet calm invitation within my being calling me to live increasingly in the space of the present moment. I feel such deep gratitude for the wholeness of this very moment; for it’s absolute imperfect perfection. The rawness of just being, and witnessing, observing. Nothing to do. Just BE. And so I breathe. 

I notice that intimate sense that all I really have that is entirely mine, is this very moment. Even as I type this, I feel enormous connection with my body, my heart opening so that feel the sense, my mind allowing me to express my thoughts in words, my fingertips typing what I sense with ease.

This very moment, is all I have. The past is forever ‘gone’, and so is the future. Both timelines that do not exist, except in the fictitious projections of my mind. In the distractions I create for myself that remove me from the experience of the moment, whatever that might be. And what it is, is my Truth. It is the state of me that BE what I AM. The moment I am in IS my life. It is where wonder lives, where curiosity resides, where true personal power has the potential to be discovered…and lived. When I notice, I live in peace within myself, away from judgement and discernment; away from fear and rage. Away from evaluations that only serve to remove me from mySelf. 

I am becoming increasingly adept at noticing the incessant habitual noise of the past or the future creeping in, stealing the essence of the moment. It matters not what the moment happens to be — my judgement of it becomes irrelevant — as the moment just IS. And often, if I sit as the observer of what’s unfolding in the moment, I notice the magnificence of it. 

It isn’t that I notice and so I am entirely consciously aware of the Majesty of life all at once. It takes sustained, conscious effort to insist in no longer being willing to give my moment away to a fictitious timeline of my imagination. Or worse, the wills of an external world that desperately demands I feel separated from mySelf and stagnated in my life. But I digress.  

In insisting on staying present, I must invite breath to do its magic. The instant I become aware of my thought pattern, of the constriction in my body, of the outdated voices that no longer serve me, I invite my breath to flow consciously  through me and I allow my intellect to instruct my body to relax into the wave of breath that I AM. I believe a true sense of empowerment comes from standing in the now, noticing the role of the past/future illusion coming up, and consciously breathing, not as a technique, but as a way of LIFE. 

This is the only way I can live with ease, within mySelf, for mySelf. 

I can think of no better way to live.

3 thoughts on “This Moment IS My Life”

  1. Hi Stela,

    Beautifully written, as always…and in all ways as Sheila would say. I received a call from a friend this morning who was (yet again) expressing her angst & sadness over her family’s dynamics. We talked about breathing (yet again) and the possibility of her writing herself and/or recording her own words (yet again). I feel like a broken record with her and all her drama. So now it’s time for me to pause and take a breath!

    Anyway, I’m going to forward your blog to her as it truly expresses the majesty of being in the NOW.

    Everything happens when it’s supposed to 😉

    Love & hugs,

    * Su*

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    1. Thank you, Su, I appreciate you sharing all this with me…

      I think most of us go through life repeating habits that enslave us to the same-old. No matter how much we think we desire change, in fact, all our actions point to the contrary. We repeat what we know. We stagnate. Drama makes for a great show, so it’s a great attractor to keep creating more of it…a reminder of being alive. I do this to myself so often still! And yet, I know so deeply, that choosing differently, in the moment, changes my life. Takes practice, and, it’s entirely worth it!

      Nothing in my world now than being entirely in the moment. That’s the most powerful space and time to be in!

      Love and hugs right back to you, my friend!


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