Sovereignty: In it’s infinite wisdom, consciousness evolves

You can read the poem or watch me read it. Its my first YouTube video so there’s a LOT to learn…

What we’re being asked to give up, 
Is sovereignty over our very bodies.
The homes that house our essence, our Soul, our Spirit.
Through manipulation,
Mis- and dis-information,
From the very institutions we’ve put our faith in.

It isn’t that you should or shouldn’t inject. 
That’s entirely not the point. 
Even though the internet of bodies is here. 

It’s that you should pay attention to the cues that misdirect our attention to mass fear and danger,
As per always in history, 
Most of it unfounded.
(Hindsight is 20/20)

But for now,
Our mindsets have already long been shaped,
Parenting, culture and church.
Dogmatic reductionist Science.
Enforced by medicine.
First do no harm.
Yet harm is being done.

But we don’t dare question.
Why is civic duty invoked here, but never there?

How you see the world depends on your perceptual filters.
Those filters shape:
How you read the data.
Which media you follow. 
Which voices you trust. 
Which institutions you allow to guide your behaviour. 
All reinforce the mindset you’ve already got. 

To conclude: “I am right!”

What does it feel like?
Dying to be right?
Killing to be right?
Destroying cultures and homes and families and souls to be right?

Our collective desire to satisfy and justify our rightness,
Has meant destruction and poverty.
Not of some distant “them”,
But of our very own Souls. 

A severed, suffering disconnected connection
To the essence of Life that I AM.

There are few people out there who know what Joy is
What freedom feels like.
Or what it’s like to live from the depths of our Soul.
I bet they know something different,
Something wiser.
Something more expansive, yet inclusive.

I can say with absolute certainty: this isn’t over. 
Not with the:
Green Passes
& monitoring apps
Creating further marginalised two-tier societies
Where some are worthy,
And others are dirty.
Everyone convinced that they deserve it!

But like any good bully,
they will perpetually want more
My way or the highway! 
Until we surrender everything,
And there is nothing left to give.

I believe this is, ultimately, a war against consciousness. 
The war against our bodies has been long going on. 
I can’t abort the fetus of rape,
But you can freely rape. 
My body, my choice 
A simple mantra repeated when bodies continued to be violated. 
Now, it’s not just those black men murdered 
Or indigenous women raped then murdered and missing 
Nor those children legally kidnapped from their homes in a genocidal effort to “civilise” them to be more like “us”
then murder them inconsequentially, by institutions sworn to bring them to God.
Now it’s time for the bodies of all Westerners. 

The selfishness evident while invoking “civic duty” shamelessly:
Before we give up these so needed $hots to other countries,
We hoard them
Like we do all the resources.
And then, forcefully inject them,
Into unconsenting bodies,
Shamelessly calling that “free choice”.

Penetration of violence,
at all logical levels,
Consequence free. 

Such is the hypocrisy.
It’s been so since our founding history,
We are a nation built on the backs of black and Asian slaves.
And instead of owning our history of genocide,
We pretend it isn’t so.
We talk about “honouring the land” we’re on by naming who it used to belong to,
But we’re fully unwilling to Give. It. Back.
We are fully unwilling to listen
To the countless Indigenous voices
For us to stop.
The drilling, the polluting, the violence.
But we don’t. Because we know better.
It’s called the economy.

We say we care and we sign lots of papers all over the world,
As far as I’m concerned,
Nothing more than a show
Where the critical actors get a nice vacation and good pay
To go sleep in Paris or Japan for a few days.

What is real?

These institutions are all built to fail.
With short term memory at their core.
Four year politics
And quarter based profit sales.
That is a metaphor for who we have chosen to become.
These invasive institutions have no conception of what it’s like to be inclusive.
To be able to see beyond exactly this one instant in time.
To care about another that isn’t themselves.

Selfish does not equal self-full.
Our priorities have not been right since the foundation of this continent.
We began with mass violence against another we didn’t understand,
And we are collectively dying the same way.

In the meantime, we grasp for any semblance of control, of normalcy.
We think so highly of ourselves.
The apex predator.
Yet none of us has a clue how to look an animal in the eye and cut its fucking throat for meat.
We hide behind supermarket plastic,
We sanitise the truth,
Living in absolute denial,
Cognitive dissonance as a way of life,
Disconnected from all that is real,
and the inherent immorality of someone else doing the dirty work for us.

But were doing them a favour, right?
Those poor people, over there.
Our superiority complex never quits,
Justifying immorality worldwide.
Because we “know” better,
We are somehow more “worthy”.
That’s the paradigm we operate from.

Who is growing your food?
Who is sewing your clothes?
Who is producing the cheap plastic toys you can’t seem to stop buying?

We believe ourselves to be a civilised bunch,
At the epitome of our intelligence and capacity.
When in reality,
We are more like the occupants of an ant hill (thanks for that imagery, Louise),
With our great comfort in repetition, order and predictability.
We’ll wait for Him who top-down tells us what to do, and we will do it.
Even if we grind our teeth,
Even if we loose our soul,
Because double think is real.

Fact is, no majority of people in any civilization that has existed has awakened to the fact that it’s dying before it was too late.
Civilizations live and die.

We are in the midst of a collective dying,
and we are failing, as is expected, to notice.
We just run around immensely fearful seeking control of the uncontrollable: our very nature.
We justify violation after violation to our bodies and our spirits.
And then we wonder where the tumours came from, where the heart break, Covid and Alzheimer’s.

Well, in my grief of our collective dying,
I choose to see through godForce eyes.
I choose to grieve not for humanity, nor the planet.
I grieve for the life I’d hoped I’d live.
For the future I’d imagined my kid would see.
And even that, I’m taken back by,
Because it isn’t real, either.
Life never made me (or anyone) any promises.
The expectations were all mine.

But I know something different now, comforting, even.
Death of bodies does not mean death of Life.
Death of this iteration of life does not mean eternal death.
For I know there is no such thing.
Everything that is has always been and will always be.
Nothing comes and nothing leaves.
Everything transforms.
In its infinite wisdom,
Consciousness evolves.

So I choose to take comfort in that.
Knowing, that I am here, manifesting in this spectacular form to experience ALL of it.
The collective dying
In denial.
The collective dying
Steeped in fear.
The collective dying
Unable to look up from their puny lives to notice how much beauty surrounds them.
The collective dying
Thinking this world is real.
The collective dying
Having never fully lived.

In the midst of it all,
I choose LIFE.
I choose breath.
I choose the moment I am in.
I choose to let go of narratives of external shoulds and strengthen the capacity of my Soul to listen to itself.

I am here to bear witness to our collective dying.
To be a midwife for the birthing Soul to those who seek to discover how to fully LIVE despite the pull elsewhere.
To be a death doula to those who choose to pass with grace.

There is nothing more powerful
Than a godForce awake to itself.
There is nothing more profound
Than an infinite being who knows its nature,
Despite the finite illusions and games played by puppeteers who know us better than we know ourselves.
There is nothing more freeing
Than knowing mySelf, my essence, my Soul.
That which I AM.
And when I breathe from that space of deep inner knowing,
My history is but a memory
And my future just the same.
I am fully in the moment I am in,
Because that’s where life lives.
In my Presence to myself,
I remember:
I’m here for the infinite games.

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