Uncensored: Sovereignty over women’s bodies

Who does my body belong to?

The history of ownership of women’s bodies.

After last month’s powerful conversation, I realized how much fire still lives in me when it comes to what I notice going on “out there”. One quick look at the news and I become aware of the immense and intense violations perpetrated against women’s bodies. At this point in history, our bodies are being mandated to sustain unwanted pregnancies (and therefore children) and to be injected with drugs without our explicit (never mind enthusiastic!) consent. My body, my choice no longer the reality for so many women, even in the self-proclaimed free West.

Truth is, women’s bodies have been historically preyed upon. Our bodies have been the targets of obsession, confrontation and control through politics, religion and medicine. Today, apparently, is no different.

The state, a patriarchal institution that is made up of mostly white men and operates from a capitalist paradigm, is making decisions about my body using the justification of God or Science or Morality or Ethics. It is no wonder then, that as women, our bodies know penetration of violence well. We have been inhaling it for centuries.

Nothing new in our thousands year old history.

Yet I sense an urgency today that I have never felt before. I sense with every fiber of my being, that despite (or maybe because of) the immense external chaos, it is time to exhale our own Truth into the world and unapologetically reclaim that which belongs to us: Our own body.

The time is is now.

My body is not here for male pleasure or power or expression over. It is neither a tool nor a thing to be acted upon. My body is here for me to experience the essence of what I AM in the physical world. My body is here to experience sensuality, joy and immense pleasure. It is here to expand consciousness’ ability to know itself better.

Somewhere deep within, women know that about their bodies. We know we are so much more than the cultural conditioning that tells us we are lesser than. We know that in order for us to reclaim our birthright we must reclaim sovereignty over our bodies.

Explorations of this month’s conversation.

With that in mind, in this month’s conversation I am curious about exploring questions such as:

  • What is sovereignty?
  • What is body autonomy?
  • What is agency over my own body?
  • How do I empower myself to become sovereign over my own body?
  • How do I choose mindfully in a time when I am mandated to choose blindly?
  • Am I willing and able to tell myself my Truth and act from that space of deep inner knowing?
  • Who must I become in order to make the choices that align with that which I AM?
  • What are the perceptual filters I must adopt to become who I choose to be?
  • How do I honour that which I already AM?

Women, it is time to stop playing small.

It is time to release notions of inability, powerlessness and smallness. If we don’t wake up and reclaim that which is already ours, noone will do it for us. The gorgeous prince on the white horse has always been an illusion perpetuated by those who would rather we remain asleep, waiting…

Personally, I am done waiting. I am done with allowing external voices telling me how to live my life meaningfully. I am done complying with mandates that force their version of reality on my body. I am done with patriarchal notions dictating what is “right” for me to do with my own body. I am done succumbing to versions of reality constructed by a magnitude of external “legitimate” authorities.

I am done, also, waiting for the prince in the white horse. I am done keeping myself small. I am done feeling powerless in my own life. I am done with feeling depleted and exhausted and overwhelmed. I am done feeling alone. And I am done complaining about it.

There is no Life there!

And I choose Life…

I choose to mindfully create a life that is worthy of my godForce essence! I choose a life that is decisively mine.

I choose to create a life where the I am that I AM and my body belong to myself: free and sovereign.

This conversation is intended to remind us of our own power, capacity, resilience and resourcefulness. It is intended to connect us to that fire within ourselves that is leaking because it isn’t owned. This is a conversation about reclamation of sovereignty over our own Self.

You are welcome to join us, if you seek a space to …

  • Connect with the intimate truth that lives in your body,
  • Exhale the truth of your experience in a safe, supporting environment,
  • Express authentically what it means for you to live in this collective reality, 
  • Validate and trust the truth you carry in your bones, 
  • Be part of a supportive, inclusive community, 
  • Re-energize yourself,
  • Discover how to belong to yourself…

As with all conversations I facilitate, this conversation will be framed from the WEL-Systems® body of knowledge. It is a particular paradigm that encourages us to live from an internally referenced space, from the truth of our own experience.

What this conversation is NOT: a space to simply complain about the state of reality “out there”; a place to judge or shame people for their choices; about good/bad/right/wrong; or a place to tell people what to do. It is a space where everyone is welcomed exactly as they are while seeking to discover their own immense power.

In my experience, I’ve discovered that that’s where personal power lives: in the choice of the moment as directed by my own internal cues.

That’s where the antithesis of all that’s happening “out there” lives. Truth lives inside my bones. It lives in the ancestral lining of the tissue of my body. It lives in the quantum spaces passed along epigenetically to the essence of what I am. It lives in the eyes that see through the filter of godForce.

And through those eyes, I choose to never give up sovereignty over my own body. I choose to reclaim the Space that I AM moving through the flow of life…

I belong here.

I matter.

I AM sovereign.


Date: Sunday September 19th, 2021

Time: 12:00 PM (ESD) to 3:30 PM (ESD)

Cost: There is no financial cost to this conversation; donations are welcome. 


If you are called to participate, let me know via email stela.murrizi@gmail.com. I’ll be sending out the zoom link to those who sign up a few days before the call.

I invite you to share this opportunity with women, non-binary folk and transgendered women you know who you believe would be interested. 

I’m looking forward to the expansive conversation we will co-create! Who knows who we will have become by the end of it …

Don’t look for where you think you belong — decide where you want to be.

– Louise LeBrun

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