“It is never about the choice – it is always about The One doing the choosing”

In her most recent mind-expansive blog post, Louise LeBrun explores “Accountability for Individual Choice“. It is a piece that everyone on this planet should read — a refreshing outcry from the fear-infused conventional narrative.

Reading that blog post inspired a stream of consciousness thought that I am sharing with you below.

There is, undoubtedly, an unprecedented shift happening “out there”. A shift that none of us expected, yet we find ourselves in the midst of. It is not necessarily that it is happening that is immensely disturbing to me, it is that the people it is happening to are unwilling to notice, name or claim any of it. Where is the curiosity? Where is the mind? Where is the demand for autonomy?

In their desperate desire to have this so-called pandemic end, they are not noticing that it is NOT ending, I dare say intentionally. It is mind boggling how people are not one iota curious about how 15 days to flatten the curve has turned into mandated forced injections yearly for anyone who wants to be part of “us”. And anyone who doesn’t, well, clearly they’re the dangerous problem that must be…eliminated???

To me, it is now more evident than ever that history necessarily repeats itself and intensifies because we are unwilling to face it, never mind digest and metabolise it. We keep trying to run away from it time and again, both at a personal and a collective level… and so, it intensifies. Our flawed line of thinking that if we don’t validate it but instead try to understand it with our logic, then it will go away. How’s that working for us?!

Here we are, in 2021 recreating a world where the “other” is proclaimed dangerous and aggravating. A world where the “other” is blamed for all of “our” problems. A world where the “other” must be legally mandated to be injected (how many times a year?) with whatever the State has decided. Or, alternatively the “other” will not be able to participate in any functions of “our” society. Punishment for non-compliance has now become our way of life.

Remember the white-only spaces? Well, now we’ve got vaccinated-only spaces. And the same people who would have been so appalled to consider white-only spaces are now proudly entering vaccinated-only spaces without a second thought. They’re the good girls & boys who are complying so this all ends. After all, this is only a temporary measure…

What a crock of lies.

I trusted that Western democracy was more solid. I trusted that well-educated people would notice the foaming-at-the-mouth divisive confrontation and act. I trusted that people would notice when their rights are being systematically oppressed, and they would act so that would not continue to be the case.

What is actually happening is everyone has turned to their four year old selves desperately seeking for mommy and daddy to stop fighting, so they’ll do anything to escape the punishment of banishment to their rooms…including, turn on their own siblings. Such is the nature of torture.

What troubles me significantly is that I had hoped I had escaped the realities of totalitarian states when I left communist Albania. I had hoped I had escaped blatant racism and “othering” when I left Greece. But such is the nature of our history, unclaimed. It repeats itself…

But this time around, I know my Self. I know my capacities and my limitations. I know that I trust my Self to make choices on my own behalf that map to the Truth that lives in my own bones. There is nothing out there that has dominion over my body or my Soul / essence/ Signal.

I don’t know what world my son will grow up in, but I’m very good at reading the room, if you will, and I am unwilling to look away. I know the world the committee of they are creating. And, I know I do not have to be a mindless participant in it. Yet I know the immense pressures I will face to comply. In my world? All an invitation to go further in, where I live, and simplify my life, my mind, and my Soul.

Our Souls are desperately crying out for peace; yet we keep perpetuating the same narratives that replicate not-peace. Where’s the intelligence in that…?

When I look through my humanoid eyes, the world is unbearable. The easy way out is to take myself out. That seems like sweet relief. Reboot and try again. And yet I know that I chose to be here at this time so that I evolve. That is what life is: an invitation to evolve by intention. Because the alternative would keep me imprisoned in my body, for life. Instead, I mindfully choose expansion. I mindfully choose creation. I mindfully choose Life!

I am so grateful to Louise LeBrun for having creating this body of work, for having carved the space for me (and countless others!) to discover there is a different way to live than what we had been taught.

In my moments of deep despair, rage, fear or hopelessness, I invite myself to breathe the essence of my Self in, so that I might notice something different about life. Through those eyes, I might stop and notice that the only space life lives in is the moment I am in. And in the moment I am in, my son is sweetly cooing in his bed, the leaves are spectacularly transforming as the cycles transition, my soul is mindfully grieving. I am living a full life.

I seek not to be “happy”, I seek to discover, to go deep in the depths of my Soul and find out MORE about my own essence. Not through some external medium, though I always enjoy reading alternative perspective in life, but through the language of my own spectacular body. As the pull of the narrative out there is to distrust my own body, I am at a place where I trust my body more now than ever before. I know it is the house of my Soul, and I respect it infinitely…even when I don’t understand it. Maybe especially when I don’t understand it.

To get to this point in my life, however, I chose to be more curious than certain; I chose to listen more than I speak; I chose to consider shifting perceptual filters rather than insist on being right; I chose to let go over and over of everything I thought I knew; I chose to die over and over so that the essence of what I AM shone through. I chose my Self over anything else and my capacity to know my Self has immensely increased.

I have recently discovered, very few people are curious enough about their own make-up to dare to look, never mind discover. Habit, prevails.

I believe this is what we are collectively being deprived of (intentionally). Our focus is being directed on the content to keep us small and fighting one another while the puppeteers create the world that they want to create. As it stands, it is not the world I choose to create. And, I choose not to fight it or brace against it but instead to continue to create the world that is meaningful for me and the future of my children (as a metaphor). Those who are willing always find a way…those who would rather capitulate and never rock the boat also always find a way.

It seems we are not ready to face that our habits are killing us. Every. Single. Institution we have created and continue to uphold is miserably failing. So, in my life, there is no intelligence in focusing on that. There is only intelligence in choosing mindfully what I DO want … and create from there. And that is what I am choosing as MY reality, for myself.

Thank you, Louise for this blog post and for the space you allowed me to express what lives inside of me, in this moment. I deeply appreciate your Presence and your ability to capture everything that I already know so beautifully…

To read Louise’s blog post and discover for yourself the tremendous genius in all she explores, click here.

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