Women & Worth: A Poem

And so we keep our immense selves, our gifts, in the closet. Or give them away for free to people who resent us. Or try to save people who don’t want to be saved from themselves. Or hold it as true that everyone must have access to what we have. Or feel guilty if we don’t share. Or put a price tag on it.


It is time for women to release the double binds and choose meaningfully a life of meaning.

It is time for women to stop people pleasing and simply BE themselves and tell the truth of their experience.

It is time for women to let go of the saviour complex and focus our immense attention on that which we are here to accomplish.

The time is NOW.

Thank you, Sheila Winter Wallace and all the wild, magical women who showed up to this powerful conversation around Women, Wisdom and Worth. How freaking empowering! And, it’s only week one…

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