Make Humanity Sacred Again

What does it mean to be in ceremony with the Sacred that  I AM?

It means to know mySelf. To recognize my essence in the totality that is life. 

It means to breathe the air in and cherish that breath. To inhale its love for my existence. To exhale my gratitude for it. 

It means to honour my body, the flesh that sustains my essence the same way I honour my essence.
It means to honour my essence. My divinity. My sacredness. 

It means to remember, since most of us seem to have forgotten. Alignment with The All that is in existence is our birthright. All other living beings know this. On a molecular level. Quantum, even. 

They don’t get lost in the meaninglessness of things. They don’t get confused by stories of money, power and other such egotistical ideologies. They don’t live to sustain a mythological system. They live to be sustained. They live in the environment that has supported them for generations. They live, in peace, with all that IS. The beauty, the grace, the loss, the darkness. They live knowing, without thinking, they are a spiritual entity. They just BE. They follow their instincts around the globe, borderless. They do as their bodies demand…as generations have done so, before them. Trusting in the process. Knowing, life begets more life. 

Gaia does not need proof of her sacredness. She just knows. The water inside her, just flows. The fire warms and the air sustains. The earth, life, it grows. Everything around us is aligned. Everything around us is connected to Spirit. Everything around us is Spirit.

They all know the ultimate truth of living. We are. Spirit, manifested. 

We are the ones who have cherished notions of “civilization” and denigrated “spirit”. We are the ones who have denied ourselves the greatest honour of knowing ourselves a unique aspect of the greater whole. Never separate from.

Desperately though we have tried. And desperately though we cling on. To ideology. Right and wrong. My God. My way.

Never could we imagine, the way of those “savages” we genocided against, knew something we don’t know. Never could we imagine, because we had already distanced ourselves from the earth and our spirit. Buying into our own egos, god-like behaviours. But being egotistically god-like does not make one god. 

God is the Force that animates all living on all planes in all timelines in all existences, forever. Infinitely. 

God is what we are. Individually and collectively. God having an experience of itself. 

It is only when we forget that, that we begin to act god-like. With the anthropomorphized versions of divinity. That is how we desecrate the sacred…

We let the intellect run wild. We’ve told it, it’s boss. It is worshiped and everything else devoured. A disembodied existence that pretends, it knows. No wonder we are living in the most depressed, most desperate times on the planet. No wonder the pain is unfathomable, “addiction” has become endemic. Desperate desire for connection, pathologized…medicalized.  Escape, from the treacherous pretend-reality we have created and continue to sustain because we don’t know how else to live. Literally, we are creating escape through virtual reality. Our bodies screaming.

Instead of finally admitting: we got it wrong. This version of civilization got it wrong

As a metaphor, in patriarchal ideology we expect the colonizer, abuser, taker, destroyer of another’s home, culture and way of life, to “recognize” and “legitimize” a “tribe” so that they may have “voice” in the system that stole their ancestral lands and intentionally tried to wipe them out in the first place. The inhumanity of genocide still left unrecognized. Waters intentionally polluted. How profoundly disrespectful. Inhumane. Unkind.

How profoundly disgusting a notion, that the abuser has absolute power over the abused. And the rest of us? Just play nice. Turn the other cheek. And keep replicating. Keep legitimizing those systems, replicating the hideous lie in the form of a mantra, “it’s the best we’ve got”. What a hot giant pile of steaming shit. 

Collective Stockholm Syndrome, on steroids.

Yet we’re convinced it’s real. Because the foundation of modernity is cultureless. It is an escapist tendency gone wrong. Because we don’t know what ancestral culture is. We have forgotten. We came to these lands as refugees in ships, leaving behind hunger and despair. Leaving behind not only our homeland, but our sense of community, culture, Self. We hoped we’d left our past behind. 

We came in to foreign lands, called them ours and took over. We failed to notice: these lands sustained immense life before we colonized them. History did not start with our colonizing. These waters were free flowing before the dams we put in to control them. These forests were luscious, full of life before we turned them into cookie-cutter suburbs. These people had established an intergenerational way of life here, before we brutalized them and declared them “savages”. And are now leaving them waterless, voiceless, worthless.

In our desire to escape, to create a “new world”, we are devouring ourselves. Like a snake, chasing after it’s own tale (yes, tale).

In our fear of death, we have put our species in hospice care, desperately still grasping to hang on to power and control…not realizing, that too, is an illusion.

Everything in life is a metaphor. Look around…what do you see? Is this really “the best” you believe is to be expected of humanity?

Here’s the most critical truth we will likely never recover from (in this timeline): We are the civilization of the lost people. 

The only way to heal… and it is a choice…is to make humanity sacred again. 

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