When Women Own Their Essence: Jennifer Hatt is “Choice, Unleashed”

There is a particular, intentional trajectory to the life-transforming pathway and paradigm of WEL-Systems®. There is “Decloaking and Living Authentically” where we learn to trust our own voice, know “I have choice”, and live “I am safe in my skin”. Then there is “Engaging and Awakening Others”, which is a deeply powerful conversation around family systems and how we came to be who we are. It is here that we are immersed in our Sacred Story and then, we are encouraged to leave the past behind, trusting in our creation of the future. Then there is the magic that is titled “Manifesting a Meaningful Life”. This is where the nectar of the honey that I AM descends fully into the body and I know myself as Creator. I know how to differentiate the voices within me. I know how to be with my Self. I know that my life lives in the perpetual NOW. I know that I have choice.

In this beautiful blog post, Jennifer Hatt captures the essence of her experience of “Manifesting a Meaningful Life”, with the wizard that is Sheila Winter Wallace, as she familiarizes herself with her Signal and then owns living it. She is a potent writer, and I encourage you to read this post titled “Melting Into New” (along with every other post she’s recently written).

Choice. My greatest takeaway from this amazing experience. My signal identified. Who I am, the essence of me inside this body that retrieves, processes and shares information on its behalf. The part of me too long forgotten, silences and overrun by the choices and assumptions of others. In six days I put words to my signal, felt them, and, like the landscape, have melted layers of beliefs and habits and embrace all that I am and choose to be. Choice. I am Choice Unleashed.


If you are curious about getting started on your journey to discovery and personal evolution, feel free to message me for a free 30 minute consultation.

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