Ditch the content: Here’s what to embrace, instead.

In this introduction to the most recent “Igniting Your Potential” monthly gathering, I speak to the power of living from our impulses, why it matters, and how we can live this way. If you are sparked by what you hear, I invite you to join us for the next one!

and now, a blog post …

What would your life look like if you embraced your impulses to guide you?

Not your compulsions; but your intuitive impulses. Take a moment to sense into the difference…

The first causes “nagging” in the body. It causes discomfort in the form of agitation, irritation, instability, and so on.

The former frees us from the confines of our history and habits that are killing us.

Which one you engage is a personal choice…

And that choice depends on your willingness to embrace a different way to live rather than that which is familiar and may provide you some temporary catharsis (at the cost of …what?).

How willing are you to give yourself permission to decipher energies moving through you?

Are your sensations moving you forward toward who you are capable of becoming? Or pulling you back into your history and habit? It’s important to take note IF evolution is your intention…

Do you notice your own intentionality? How do you become more intentional? What does that really mean?

Here’s the thing: without clarity of intention, you and I are doomed to repeat our habits.

If it’s working for ya, go for it! If it’s causing you chaos, I’d revisit that…

The holographic universe that we live dictates: your life mirrors your internal state of being. Are you curious about what that means? Do you crave to know how your mind works?

If so … welcome to my world.This is what I do, around here.

The context: the WEL-Systems® body of wisdom.

The framework: The CODE Model.

The process: Quantum TLC.

This is how you get your life back. This is how you become the driver of your own bus.

But, there’s a catch: no matter what you know, if you don’t engage it, it is rather futile …

This is why you must intentionally mind your moment.

Mind your intentionality.

Mind your choices. So you live a congruent life.

& Create with intention that which brings you joy!

You see, as a CODE Model Coach I firmly believe that we are Creators (intentional beings of light). We are meant to create! We are meant to shape reality!

When we create that which brings us JOY, that’s when we are most alive! Why? Because we ARE C-reators!

When we do not create, we are trapped in a life that is filled with obligation and no fun. If there’s no fun, there’s no joy. If there’s no joy, there’s no creativity. If there’s no creativity, Creators die (and there are many different ways to die).

Content is the thief of our potential.

Here’s what I’ve discovered caps our potential: Content. Blah blah blah. S/he said this and s/he did that and then I said this and then I did that. Boooooringggg!

Fun fact those of us who embrace living the WEL-Systems context sooner or later internalize: there is no content in content worth knowing! The only point of content? To leverage the wave of information to flow so we intentionally engage Quantum TLC. That’s it.

Otherwise, all we’ve got is the story, habit, history, familiarity, right/wrong, good/bad, fault and blame, trying to fix or make sense. In my model of the world, there is no leverage there. There is no power there. There is no life there. There is no joy there.

Content lives in the habituated: fight, flight or freeze.

Personally, when I’m in my content, I know the cultural conditioning has won. Because the state of familiarity has taken over. For most of us, that is some form of either: defend, deny, or dismiss (fight, flight, freeze). The point is, if you’re in that state, you’re in the most primitive survival mode there is.

In that state, there is no space for movement or flow …

In that state: who’s directing the show of your life? Cuz it sure isn’t the adult you!

Instead of trying to over-ride that state by trying to figure it out or by just doing the self-destructive thing anyway, I invite you to consider: how else might you engage your moment?

If you presuppose for a moment that your intellect is brilliant AND it cannot take you where you want to go, what happens inside your body?

And what happens if I tell you that the magic you are only shows up when you invite and allow your body to take the lead? When you pause … breathe … follow the impulse … and apply a different process than the familiar? More on that here.

Are you sick and  tired of managing your reality rather than creating it?

If so, I invite you to consider an alternative way to live that moves you UP logical levels so you discover just how powerful you are.

This is the paradigm shift we are after here: moving us from the trap of content to the exploration of process and discovery of context. Raise your thinking UP logical levels and watch your life transform!

Your options are as follows: Intentionally pause and engage Quantum TLC, or habitually deny-defend-dismiss your way into self-destruction.

All I know is, it is all a matter of choice …

Yes, it takes effort to live this way.

It takes effort to engage the 30-second pause. To breathe. To pay attention differently.

It’s far easier to be in the default. Why? Because it’s familiar. That’s the only reason. Everything out there is geared toward ensuring that we are trapped in that paradigm of familiarity with no hope out … in my experience, it simply isn’t true.

But I had to discover that. I had to test it out. I had to stay with it until I knew a different truth. I did it because I knew: there has got to be more to life than this …

Indeed, there is.

Truly, interrupting our destructive patterns to embrace an expansive way of living our moment-to-moment life takes an unwavering commitment to one’s self, evolution, and emerging truth.

What does it take to take yourself from a content-driven human to a process- and context-driven godForce?

What does it take for the clarity of your intention to lead?

These are the types of explorations we delve into the monthly “Igniting Your Potential“. In this space, we learn together how to mindfully push the pause button, breathe, and pattern interrupt your habits so you discover how to embrace your moment and make congruent choices that propel you to create the magnificent life you were meant to live! This is my “why”.

There is a different way to live.

All you have to do is choose to explore it.

Until next time, breathing is good.

Are your habits hurting you?

If so, you are the only one who can pattern-interrupt what's not working for you and discover how else to engage your moment.



How wonderful you chose this for yourself! Now all that's left is to enjoy the process of self-discovery!