Decloaking our Fear, Transforming through Fire

Power is Connecting the Dots…

Our generation is facing (in my opinion) THE single most terrifying proposition of all time: give up our humanity and merge with the Internet of Bodies where we will live in a virtual first world in smart cities where we will be identified through digital IDs and controlled through CBDCs, all of which will ensure we “own nothing and be happy” OR live as an outcast in fear of what could be if we refuse, waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

If you know me, you know that I face what I believe to be real head on – no matter how terrifying the proposition. And that’s what makes me so effective in working with women who are seeking to move beyond their perceived limitations and create a meaningful life in the midst of it all. 

So if you’re awake to what’s happening and you seek to create a meaningful life anyway, you are in the right place. If, however, you’d rather put your head in the sand about what’s happening and go on about your day, consider this is your out. 

We, ladies, live in a collective reality that has already normalized and idealized technology-as-saviour, and have therefore agreed to the implementation of merging technology with organic matter. This collective shift toward transhumanism will render our humanity primitive and therefore inferior (and I believe, eventually, illegal).

Tough pill to swallow, but the majority of people – many of whom we love – will fall for the Big Lie of our generation. From where I stand, the only question worth asking yourself is: will you? 

And if you don’t believe the lie, will you capitulate to it anyway because capitulation feels easier than choosing not-that? Here’s the truth: for those for whom the lie doesn’t easily work, social pressures will be applied mercilessly … and amplified. Because the transition to the world they are envisioning will relies on the presupposition that we will all, eventually, fold. 

For me, the world that they are creating isn’t an “if”, it is a “when”. And the “when” is far sooner than we hope. That feels terrifying.

Yet, it is true.

In my journey of personal evolution I have learned to focus on who I am capable of becoming if I am to face such immense societal and cultural changes that demand I capitulate, or else. I have learned how to relax into my fear and allow it to transform my body so that I know a deeper truth seeking to be revealed.

I have also learned the wise way to pay…attention. So, instead of focusing on all that I can’t control and brace against it, I choose to bring my attention to that which I can: my internal state.

In the face of The Great Taking, it is not worth it to focus on how to do we stop this. Instead, it may be wiser to focus our attention on who we are becoming in the face of it all: How else might I choose to live my life, in the face of it all? Who else might I choose to become? 

I believe evolution is beckoning. It is at our door — will we answer?

Because navigating this chaos paralyzed in fear or trapped in righteous rage or hiding in hopelessness will mean you will live a rather unpleasant life, modeling to your children how to live … well, unpleasantly. 

Tough pill to swallow, indeed. But you can, should you choose to, move through this transition with grace, and in community, trusting the internal Truth Detector that is your body (the quantum-biological device designed to calibrate for truth). 

I don’t know the details of how I will navigate this transition, knowing what’s at stake: my son’s freedom to be the full measure of his godForce. For those of us who have viscerally discovered what we are as human beings, this is an immense, unbearable loss. Still, I choose to navigate this whole transition with dignity and integrity, by going UP logical levels to find my answers, not down. 

I don’t want to navigate this transition alone; I want to do this in community, with women who are seeking to evolve and transcend their perceived limitations and become so much more… 

The experiences and retreats I am creating this summer are intended to introduce you to a battle-tested process that allows you to become resourceful and resilient in making congruent choices in chaotic times.  This requires education of what’s actually going on. It requires you to discover how to trust your body. It requires you to be willing to evolve beyond your perceived limitations.

This transitional phase requires a paradigm shift about what we are as human beings. 

If you are up for the ride, I am here to ride with you…

Experiences coming up this summer and fall.

If you’re not quite ready yet you know in your bones you must move and address the transitions head on rather than wait to be pressed into making a rushed and incongruent decision, I have created a series of experiences for you to participate in so that you find yourself resourceful and resilient in the midst of chaos. 

I have structured these upcoming experiences in four parts because four symbolizes well-being and determination. So, here are the workshops, conversations and retreats coming up this summer and fall.


In the first two-hour workshop you will be invited to show up, listen, and ask questions as we dip our toes and find out what’s going on right here and now with our government, their policies, and how that links to the globalist agenda. The title of the workshop is “What is biodigital convergence and how will it affect you?” Happening Wednesday July 3rd at 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM EST, over Zoom, by donation (suggested to cover my costs $25)

For those who show up for Part 1a, I will create a part 1b where we will focus on now what? So we know what’s coming, but how do we connect the dots? Trust what we know? Navigate it all with grace? Part 1b will take place Wednesday July 17th at 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM EST, over Zoom, by donation (and is available only for those who participate in part 1a).


For those who are seeking a deeper dive into integrating their fear around it all, join me and a small group of women in conversation to explore how to re-contextualize fear and use it to fuel you in “Becoming resourceful and resilient in chaotic times”. These two days are the deep dive into the integrating fear conversation. July Tuesday the 23rd & Wednesday the 24th, 10 AM – 2 PM, over Zoom, 10 women, $395


Fuel your fire, transform your fear: Awakening the body” is a daylong retreat for the women who intuitively know they must reclaim their fire if they are to transform who they have been and become who they need to be to face our current predicament. In this day retreat, we will incorporate the fire conversation, explore the CODE Model through movement, breathwork, and somatic healing. This is the power exploration that is required to awaken our Boundless LeaderSelf and act from her! August Wednesday the 2st, 10 AM – 6 PM, *in person* in La Peche, QC (exact location TBD), 10 women, $295. If there is expressed interest in an online experience, I will pick an additional date to accommodate those interested. 


Decloaking and Living Authentically” is a Signature WEL-Systems five day intensive designed to awaken you to the fact that it is not just about how to keep up with the speed, density and intensity of what’s going on ‘out there’. This is about learning how to trust yourself – and discover how to awaken to more powerful and effective ways of moving through your own life. This is the place to be if you are ready to discover how else to live while embracing the opportunity for a paradigm shift toward living internally referenced. The intensive is scheduled for Thursday September 26th – 30th, 10 AM – 1PM & 3 – 6 PM EST, over Zoom, $2222. Get started now by listening to the audio files here.

Do the offerings speak to you? Curious? Engage! Ask me anything …

Feel the pull to engage and are curious about the details of each experience? Read on ahead! 

PART1. Educate yourself to what’s going on …

What is biodigital convergence and how will it affect you?

Wednesday July 3rd at 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM EST, over Zoom, by donation (suggested to cover my costs $25)

Explore the sand before you touch the water. Be warned: this will likely hurt. 

In this 90 minute workshop I intend to unpack what is going on in Canada right now. I will share about Biodigital Convergence, national and international laws and policies being implemented, as well as an integrated vision of what I see as the intentional and planned future unfolding. 

In this conversation, I will also introduce you to mind-control (or mind-influencing, if you prefer to soften the blow) tactics used to install and activate primal survival mechanisms, like fear, shame, righteous rage, and hopelessness, to keep us captive to (perceived) powerlessness. 

Truth is: we are powerful beings when we are connected to our Truth, our core, our essence. We are powerful beings when we are not ruled by primal survival impulses like fear. We are powerful beings when we know we are powerful beings. 

Yet we have spent our whole lives believing cultural lies that we are puny. I know, from my own lived experience, that we are anything but … 

I will conclude this workshop by introducing you to what’s possible when you embrace the process of Quantum TLC as a way of life. I will also introduce you to the basics and where you can find out more. 

Because the alternative is hiding or trying to run away, and there’s nowhere to go. This is a global effort. 

So it’s not about escaping it or fighting it … it’s about discovering our power and capacity to say “no” congruently. For that to happen, you have to know your line in the sand. Do you know it? 

If you’re called to join this workshop, let me know and I will share with you some resources for you to consider about what’s going on. This will help prepare you to connect the dots of what I’ll be talking about. 

Unlike much of the illusions of normalcy out there, this is not going to be pretty… but it is going to be real

Want to start preparing for how to face the ugly realities coming up? Consider the Pathways to Personal Power audio files ($10) , Women Awakening audio files (free), and certainly this Navigating Chaos exploration of what makes us so vulnerable to mind control (free). 

Email me to join us.

PART 2: Dip your toes into the women and fear exploration 

Becoming resourceful and resilient in chaotic times: The women & fear conversation

July Tuesday the 23rd & Wednesday the 24th, 10 AM – 2 PM, over Zoom, 10 women, $395

Fear is the greatest mind killer. Discover how to use fear to fuel you rather than deplete you. Perhaps in doing so you’ll discover getting to the water through the hot sand feels rather soothing … 

If part 1 leaves you hungry for more, then you might choose to join this weekend long exploration about transcending fear and embracing the power of your potential. 

In this online retreat, we will de-nominalize fear in order to discover its message. We will explore how fear has been used historically to keep us in a loop of powerlessness. 

This is why fear underpins all other control mechanisms – because it leaves us feeling internally powerless. Trapped. Uncertain. Chaotic. Depleted. Unable. Fear activates the sympathetic nervous system and we immediately go into fight-flight-freeze. 

For some people, fear fuels their fire, and they fight for their righteous indignation. Righteous rage allows them to feel powerful in doing something… even if it is just depleting their own Life Force.

For others, fear activates the flight response and they feel compelled to run away. To just keep running. The problem is … the fear comes with them. 

For others still, fear paralyzes them on the spot. They can’t move. They can’t function. They can’t breathe. They hold their breath and hope for the best. 

The problem is when we are in a sympathetic nervous response and we don’t know how to digest and metabolize what we feel, we feel trapped. We hoard the depleting energies because we don’t know what else to do. 

… That’s why some of us smoked dope. But no matter how much we seek to numb ourselves, the fear won’t go away. 

We have to be willing to discover an alternative way to live that allows us to become more … resourceful & resilient in chaotic times. 

In these two days, we will explore the process outlined in Fully Alive and Phenix Rising as the foundations for the next conversation…and the rest of your life!

Mandatory audio files to listen to prior to participating in the retreat are Women and Fear: Choosing beyond limitation ($30).

Email me to join us. 

PART 3: Daring to Awaken! 

Fuel your fire, transform your fear: Awakening the body

August Wednesday the 2st, 10 AM – 6 PM, *in person* in La Peche, QC (exact location TBD), 10 women, $295.

Fuel your fire! Transform your fear… 

This two day retreat is for the women who intuitively know they must reclaim their fire if they are to transform who they have been and become the Boundless LeaderSelf they must become to navigate the chaotic reality we are facing. 

Here’s the bottom line: if your body is filled with fear and you are afraid of your own fire, movement is lacking. Without movement, all you have is the same old-same old. 

So this day retreat will incorporate the fire conversation, explore the CODE Model through movement, breathwork, and somatic healing. In combination, all these will help you explore deeper structures of thought that lingers in the body. As we talk and as we move, we will explore the power of the CODE Model, Quantum TLC and the WEL-Systems paradigm. We will also explore the domain of the subtle and how it  is far more powerful than we’ve ever given it credit for. 

If you’re ready to awaken on all logical levels– this retreat is for you! There will be education, exploration, conversation, coaching, movement, chanting, breathing! We will delve deep. We will explore our inner landscape through different modalities. We will play with using the body to transcend fear, fuel our fire,  and discover how to create unapologetically. This retreat moves us into the exploration of our own potential

Audio files: Sekhmet Rising: Daring to Awaken ($40) and Redefining Leadership, Recleaming LeaderSelf course ($69).

Email me to join us.

PART 4: Signature five day intensive  

Decloaking and Living Authentically 

Thursday September 26th – 30th, over Zoom, $2222 

A Signature WEL-Systems based intensive devoted to the discovery of how else to live. This is the place for the paradigm shift to integrate in your body. 

Decloaking and Living Authentically is a five day intensive designed to awaken you to the fact that it is not just about how to keep up with the speed, density and intensity of what’s going on ‘out there’. This is about learning how to trust yourself – and discover how to awaken to more powerful and effective ways of moving through your own life.

Here’s what Louise LeBrun, founder of WEL-Systems, wrote about it… 

Decloaking… and living authentically! isn’t just any conversation – it’s one that will change your life. This is not a training (relying on practices and techniques) but is a small group, life-altering experience that transforms who you are and awakens your potential to design your life. Whether it’s your first time or whether you’re back again to dive deeper and accelerate your evolution, your experience of transformation always includes safety, science and a touch of the sacred.

This extended, Open Forum conversation:

  • is guided and shaped  by the urgency of what’s meaningful to you;
  • offers you new, cutting-edge and life-altering thinking;
  • unfolds in a safe place that allows you to think differently, know differently and engage differently; and
  • invites, cajoles, provokes and compels you into reclaiming more of who you already are and discovering who you are capable of becoming!

Decloaking Discovery: Ask Me Anything Day: Thursday September 19th we connect via voice-over-IP through Telegram for a day of Q&A about Decloaking; prerequisite: curiosity for the intensive along with having listened to the first set of audio files.

Curious? Email me to talk!

Bottom line? If you are curious and seeking to navigate our collective external reality differently, I have set up a series of conversations and retreats that will open up Space for movement in your body. When you know how to welcome it all, flow becomes a way of life …

I am ready for the deep dive that awaits us all … because without it, we are trapped in an internal world that seeks to keep us captive to our own fear. And that state of being simply isn’t any fun!

So, if you’re curious to transform your fear and fuel your fire so that you might Create a life of meaning, delve in to what you feel an intuitive pull toward … trust it. You’ve tried it the other way, you might as well try something new

The time to engage is now. Will you choose it?

Are your habits hurting you?

If so, you are the only one who can pattern-interrupt what's not working for you and discover how else to engage your moment.



How wonderful you chose this for yourself! Now all that's left is to enjoy the process of self-discovery!