Women Gathering: Breath as an invitation for life, experienced

Every month, I facilitate experiences that invite women to come explore aspects of themselves seeking exploration. For those of you interested in what’s coming up every month for the next year, check it out here.

This month’s women gathering: uncensored experience pertains to the power of breath in sustaining the Life Force that I AM flowing through the body.

Breath is a state of Being. It is the conduit for Life Force that flows through us to infuse our bodies. It is here to inform us about a higher order truth that lives inside of us yet unrecognized. Breath guides us to notice the quality of our life.

Breath does not require anything of us but to invite and allow it to be in flow. So many people think they’re breathing, when in fact they’re not. Or, they’re breathing habitually and therefore breathing to sustain the state of ‘normal’ to them.

What’s your state of ‘normal’? Are you in a parasympathetic nervous response where you feel calm, centered and grounded? Or are you normally anxious? Depressed? Lethargic? Agitated?

Consider the possibility, if you will, that the way you breathe sustains the state of your being.

If you’re curious about discovering the power of breath in your life, consider joining this 3 hour Women Gathering: Uncensored experience coming up December 20th @ 6:00 PM EST over Zoom. You can email me to sign up, or check out the details of the experience here.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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