Pen & Punishment: Jennifer Hatt’s latest blog

“A new world-view is like water seeping into the cracks. It may not look like much and yet, the implications can be profoundly transformative!

Many who have come through a WEL-Systems® stream of experiences have also discovered how to bring their awakening into their existing world. They become the long-overdue bright light shining into dark corners. Their depth of knowledge of and experience in their system of choice, combined with a potent new perspective, allows them not only to speak of what they see differently but to also take their colleagues and clients far beyond just the ‘rant’ of how it could/should be. They can actually show them how to see differently, experience differently and engage differently. The result? Hope and possibility begin to replace a sense of resignation to an entrenched ‘system’, untouched and untouchable.” 

– Louise LeBrun (emphasis mine)

This is what my friend and colleague, Jennifer Hatt (CODE Model Coach™, author and publisher), explores in her latest blog post on “Pen and Punishment: Revisiting history with the power of choice“. She explores history and then goes far beyond it to introduce the reader to possibility. She shows that we can, should we discover how to choose, write. 

In my life, writing is a sacred act. It is an act of courage and transformation. It is an opportunity to capture into words that which lives as energy inside my being. 

But it wasn’t always like that; there was a period of time when writing was merely a means to an end: good grades. That kind of outcome-oriented and externally referenced mindset is so profoundly debilitating and it is remembered in the body long after the experience itself is over. 

In her latest blog, Jennifer shows us that we are not confined to our history; when we know how to choose congruently, our inner state and our lives transform. 

So if you are feeling stuck in your writing but are seeking to get unstuck, I suggest you get in touch with Jennifer. 

We are writers. We long to be writers. We wish we had time to write. I’ve been in all categories, and continue to meet folks who share in the joyful angst that is the call of the written word. The unspoken question: if we all want to write so damn badly, why is it so hard to just sit and do it?” – Jennifer Hatt

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