A Mother’s Transformation: The impact of embracing the Crone (testimonial)

This morning I woke up to an email that simply delighted my being! One of the women in the New Ways in Chaotic Times: Reclaiming the Power of the Crone yearlong experience shared with the group the impact the Crones experience has had on her and her daughter’s life. I share this with you because it is important for me that you consider an alternative way to live your life, should you choose to engage it. You are never alone …

As you will see from my client’s email below (shared anonymously with her consent), this yearlong experience has accelerated not only her personal evolution but – in her case – the evolution of her parenting in a particularly difficult and challenging situation. 

Before I share with you the email, I want you to know that this is exactly why I created this experience, in this way. If we want our daughters to live empowered, we must become the Space within which their evolution unfurls. Notice as you read her story the impact of the ripple effect on her daughter. It gives me chills!!! 

I am reflecting back on where I was in the beginning and where I am now. Remembering that first call where I was literally bracing and having a wave and feeling relief that I could have that experience, even though it was with strangers at the time on Zoom.

It was a turbulent ride letting go. And things shifted and reorganized and the path kept opening in front of me.

It will always be turbulent. It’s the life I have chosen. However, it will never be stuck.

Looking back on the mom I was to the mom I am now. Massive difference. It’s not perfect and never will be and that’s ok. It was never supposed to be perfect. My old parts were supposed to move and integrate and my daughter has kept that going.

I was so caught up in the external of what’s the best way to do x. Now I decide as I go what works and what doesn’t. What’s authentic for us in each moment as we become more. I direct that. I have so much more trust in what I feel is right for us in each moment. I think my daughter feels that as well.

Something I have been doing lately is delighting in my senses. Savouring the moments of presence in between the denser waves. The hot water on my skin in the shower, the taste of sushi on my taste buds, the smell of my shampoo, the beautiful snowflakes falling from the sky, watching my daughter and taking in the view of her small face knowing it’s changing every day. Pausing. Observing.

The godForce that I am witnessing it all. Being ok with the sloppy mess of it all and feeling excited when the shifts happen.

A lifetime of bracing so hard.

And another lifetime of learning to release and delighting in the wisdom I carry of it.

Massive paradigm shifts and definitely not “done” lol. And thank goodness!

I was born for this life and I believe I chose it before I came. I am lucky that I got to remember who I am in this lifetime. I sometimes wonder will I in my next.

When I was at Oceanstone with Louise (LeBrun) so long ago I remember picking a card from a deck and it was about chaos and creating calm in it and I never forgot it. It’s funny how I remember these random moments so long ago and then later they just make so much sense.

And here I am in a time where the world is in chaos, my entire life has been chaos, and my little family is often in chaos. Yet I keep emerging to experience calm in it all by integrating it as I go. Not a coincidence!

I have created a pretty cool life from an early existence of learning to brace for survival.

My daughter has already! When I look at what she was born into and her life now. Will be fun (and fucking terrifying) to watch her continue to grow and create.

It will all happen when it’s time and not a minute sooner.

See you all next week and thanks for being witness to my messy evolution and moments of learning to create a little bit more gracefully.


an invitation to an expansive playground…

Thank you for reading this marvellous woman’s revelations of evolution, shared. It takes audacity to claim what this woman has claimed for herself and her daughter! What it takes is embracing accelerated evolution as a way of life! 

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Curious about the New Ways in Chaotic Times: Reclaiming the power of the Crone yearlong experience this client is referring to?

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