Secrets & Lies are Killing Us: A Whispers from Within™ invitation for exploration

What is private? What is secret? And what’s the difference between the two?

-Louise LeBrun

If you have ever participated in a Whispers from Within experience you likely know power to delve deep into your body and transform how you relate to your stories about … whatever it happens to be.

Lately, I have encountered many women who are struggling with their partners, their children, their work. They are struggling to keep control over their lives; and from where I stand, that’s because they have lost control…so, instead of surrendering and letting go, they double down on their strategies of control!

When we struggle, it is THE sign that we are being inauthentic with ourselves. It is THE sign that something is seeking to get our attention, and we are ignoring it. It is THE sign that we need to stop … breathe … surrender to the wave of the unknown and discover what else lives in our bodies seeking to be revealed.

When we are inauthentic with ourselves, it means we are keeping secrets from ourselves, and telling lies to ourselves. Obviously, we don’t realize that that’s what we are doing because so much of what we are trained to notice lives beneath the iceberg of our awareness. In other words: our cultural conditioning has programmed us to pay attention only to the external and seek to manage that so that our internal state changes.

Well, in my experience and understanding of the world, that’s totally backwards …

as you can see from the Iceberg of the Self, our internal senses hold the power to reveal the Truth of our experience through the process of listening for and through authenticity.

It is only through our internal senses that we can calibrate for Truth.

It is only through our body (as the quantum biological device that it is) that our Truth can be revealed.

It is only through surrendering to the waves of Truth that we can discover what is rather than what we think it should be.

Therein lays the problem — most women engage their lives from shoulds, not authenticity. In doing so, they normalize a life of secrets and lies.

This is why I created this opportunity for us to connect and have a different conversation than the one we are used to about being ourSelves, and telling the Truth.

Perhaps if you notice that other women are giving themselves permission to go there, you will choose that, too.

From where I stand, as I integrate each layer of a secret I have kept from myself or a lie I have told myself I become more “me”. I feel more empowered and I trust mySelf and the process of evolution evermore.

When I reveal the full measure of the truth of my experience to myself, I free myself to choose differently.

When I trust that being mySelf and telling my Truth is the key to my freedom and evolution, I feel no desire to live any other way …

In this 10 day Whispers exploration with you …

I’d like us to delve deep into this exploration so that we might each individually and collectively discover what lives in the way of us reclaiming our divinity and living fully from it. 

I know intimately that when I live my life from the Signal that I AM, there is no room for playing pretend. There is only trust of the deep inner knowings that live in the unknown. 

Perhaps like you, I noticed at a very young age that secrets and lies were the process adults around me moved through the world. I didn’t understand it, and despite how well-intentioned they believed their actions to be, I knew that it all felt wrong

Today, as I stand at the 8th and look down, I notice that my life is rich when I am deeply connected to that which I AM. That means that there is no room for secrets and lies in my life; yet I don’t know what I don’t know but I am ready, both willing and able, to delve into this exploration with you and see what becomes revealed in the process. 

I wonder … 

Who else are we capable of becoming when we intentionally breathe life into our own authenticity?

How else do we know our potential when we connect to intimacy with Signal from Self (as opposed to locking ourselves in to intimacy-as-familiar with culturally conditioned self)? 

What else would we choose if we stayed in the domain of choice-point up, exploring ourSelves through Stream of Consciousness from the NOW rather than the familiar story of the past or the uncertainty of the future? 

It is no secret that secrets and lies are what are killing us slowly, both individually and collectively. … 

There is immense power that comes from honouring and engaging the depth of your intimacy with yourSelf. How do secrets and lies get in the way?

This experience is for …

This invitation is going out to women familiar with the WEL-Systems body of knowledge who are willing to have this conversation choice-point up. I want this exploration to be about our emergence as the more that awaits us, not about rehashing our history and stagnating in victimhood. 

This exploration will be more fun if:
> you are devoted to living a life from Signal rather than conditioning
> you are seeking to transform your life and that of others by your very being, differently
> you are the self-proclaimed One tasked with the evolution of consciousness, because you chose it. 

As all things Whispers, I don’t know where this exploration will take us. I know the intention for exploration, and I know that I am deeply committed to the experience. If the calling in you is a ‘yes’ and you are curious to explore this with me and the other women who sign up, I’d love to have you be part of the process. 

Here’s some details …

We each commit to the 10-day Whispers experience seeking to explore whatever lives in us that must be integrated around “secrets and lies” so we free ourselves from this layer and embrace the next…

There are no rules, other than show up. By that I don’t just write – I mean really give yourself permission to descend into the base of your spine and write from that space, choice-point up.  

My commitment as facilitator is to be with each of the emails as they come in and share with you the Truth of my experience, in that moment. I may be the first to write that day, or I may be the last. I trust each of us to write from impulse and not wait for permission. 

Just like any other Whispers experience, I will facilitate two Zoom explorations. The first will be short and sweet (90 minutes). Its intention is to set up the experience and integrate any jitters. The second call will be immediately after the writing where we will unpack what we have discovered about ourselves through the process. 

Date: first call – February 19th (90 minutes); writing starts on February 20th and goes for ten days. The first call will be on the 19th and the final call on the 29th.

The investment for the experience is $399. 

Bonus for those who sign up: if you choose to participate in this experience and the Engaging and Awakening Others experience coming up on March 8th – 12th, I will deduct $200 from your experience in Engaging!

I look forward to the exploration and the unknown it will reveal!

Please let me know if this speaks to your curiosity and if so, let’s delve in!

What exactly is a Whispers from Within experience? Find out here.

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How wonderful you chose this for yourself! Now all that's left is to enjoy the process of self-discovery!