Transition Time: From captive to creator

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Have you ever felt hostage to your “reality”? 

I know I sure have. The more I free myself from the infinite layers of cultural conditioning that takes my nervous system hostage (more often than I care to admit), the more I am reminded to pay attention to how I create my reality

A strange stance to take when most of the women I connect with are filled with a sense of felt powerlessness that stems from fear, hopelessness, despair, rage, outrage, and general a lack of clarity that drives them to seek to micromanage anothers behaviours, control all the details of the experience, all the while feeling like an imposter in their own lives.

 Here’s the fundamental problem with that line of thinking:

  1. You can never (ever, ever in a million years) make another behave the way you want them to. You can use various strategies to convince them, you can try the intellectual approach by showing the research and the data, and you can try manipulating them into behaving how you want them to, all on a spectrum. But the truth is: people always do that which is in alignment to their evolution (not yours). So your best case scenario is to focus on your evolution– but how hard is that?! Easier to focus on how another is wrong …


  2. You can never (ever, ever in a million years) manage the details of how an experience unfolds sufficiently to be able to impact it. Why? Because managing the details demands you take your eyes off the big picture and focus on tunnel vision. Sure, you’ll know a lot about a little, but the way manifestation works is that before you manifest “it”, you must become “it”. So if you seek to manifest a meaningful relationship, you must become the type of person who is every-thing-you-seek-in-the-other.


  3. You can never  (ever, ever in a million years) not feel like an imposter when you are engaging your life in an inauthentic way. How do you know when you’re being inauthentic? It’s simple really: if it feels yucky yet you persist because of fill-in-the-one-million-excuses-why-you-can’t. Your body can never, will never, ever lie to you. Your body will let you know when it’s a congruent yes, and when it’s a congruent no. When to go right, and when to go left. The question is: do you know how to listen? Do you know how to trust it? If you want to feel authentic, you must become aligned with your Truth, with your authenticity. 

Here’s my promise to you: if you keep doing what you’re doing, believing what you believe, you’ll keep creating what you’re creating. Every choice you make either maps to your history and limitation, or to your potential and expansion. Why? Because that’s how choice works – if you don’t know how to choose from your Emerging Authentic Self, then you are trapped in seeking to create change from your culturally conditioned self. Yikes! Not only not fun at all, but also impossible

This is why I will go to my grave preaching to the power of The Predictable Structure of Thought, as taught by WEL-Systems (not NLP or anywhere else where they miss the choice point … which is … the whole point of power). 

We now have so much evidence that we live in a holographic reality; that our minds create our reality; that our bodies take instruction from our Life Force; that we are not our bodies but the Signal from Self; that we are all interconnected through plasma… that we are so much more than the cultural lies we have been fed about ourselves. 

We have so much evidence that we are not our bodies and that this is but one dimension of life (Near Death Experiences, anyone?!). 

Yet we take everything on this plain so seriously, we make ourselves sick and tired complying to stone-age narratives that keep us lifeless and limp. 

Newsflash: if everyone has “self-esteem issues”, then it’s systemic.

If everyone has “addiction issues”, then it’s systemic.

If everyone has “relationship issues”, then it’s systemic.

See where I’m going with this? 

There’s nothing wrong with you. There never, ever was. In fact, if you have a child or have been around a child, you know the Force of Innocence that drives them to enjoy Life! To just BE Present, in the moment. Feel the hurt … and move on. 

Want to explore the systemic hurts you are likely carrying that are getting in the way of you moving on? Check out the “When the Horse Dies, Get Off and Stop Dragging it Around” book (preview the sample, at least). 

This is what we’ll be exploring in the upcoming workshop Leveraging the Genius of the Moment on April 28th at 10:00 -11:30 AM EST.

If you choose to participate in this experience—you will discover: 

  • How to trust the intensity of your body to guide you toward reclamation of your Truth. 
  • How you hold yourself hostage to a reality and a series of belief systems you have long ago outgrown. 
  • The pressure in your body is speaking to you to pay attention… to what? 
  • How shifting to a new context can be turbulent and chaotic – and, it is brilliant
  • How your filtration system calibrates for the continuum of safe and dangerous and why you want to pay attention. 

And whatever else the moment brings our way … 

From my experience, manifestation happens in and from the moment we are in. There is no past, and there is no future (both are holographic creations of your mind; the only thing that’s real is this moment. And if you know how to leverage the moment you are in, you discover how to make choices in the moment that align with your intention, your purpose, your reason for being here at this time. THAT is how you create your meaningful life – one congruent choice at a time. 

So, grab your beverage of choice and let’s talk about just how genius your moment really is… I promise I’ll give you all I’ve got on the topic, no strings attached, in this 90 minute live exploration (30 – 45 minute wisdom sharing and the follow up Q&A session where you ask everything you are curious about). 

If that sounds good to you and you are curious …I’ll see you at the free Leveraging the Genius of Your Moment exploration.


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