Leveraging the Genius of the Moment

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There’s a theory floating around in the conventional narrative about how if it hurts, then there’s something wrong (which then an expert will diagnose and then readily medicate). While I realize this is what the majority of our society believe to be the way, I do not

The idea that understanding of the so-called problem leads to a solution does not sit well with me.

Why? Because I know how the body-mind-Spirit connection works – and understanding lives at the auditory/digital end of the processing speed on the spectrum, while body-processing lives at the psychic-intuitive end of the spectrum. 

In other words, telling a story about what’s presenting and having that makes sense will slow … processing … down. 

Surrendering to the wave of information that the body carries in the moment you are in will invite and allow the body to do what it’s designed to do: process information! 

You trust your body to process food without you telling a story about it, don’t you? It’s the exact.same.thing with emotions (energy in motion). 

Truth is, when you understand how processing speed works you understand why you feel tired from telling the same story over and over and seeing no movement. You also understand why it doesn’t work. 

I know from personal experience that no matter how awkward it is to talk about thinking differently in a world that coerces compliance, it is also fundamentally necessary if you are looking to transform the quality of your life…  

Alchemizing “life long” diseases is possible though the process of Quantum TLC

Truth is, in a Quantum world, the allopathic way of making sensations wrong is … well, incomplete (at best). That’s NOT how experiencing the information moving through your body in the moment has to be! 

How do I know this? 

Well, long story short, I know a thing or two about alchemizing the energy of what’s presenting and leveraging it to digest and metabolize The Truth that the message carries because I live it. 

I have, after all, alchemized so-called “lifelong diseases” for which medication was the only solution ranging from bipolar type II, borderline personality disorder, depression, anxiety, IBS, hypothyroidism, and drug addiction. 

How, you ask? By intentionally and mindfully adopting the process of Quantum TLC™ as a way of life. This process replaced my habituated strategies of say, raging against the machine, fighting, bracing, succumbing, resentment, etc… This way of life has profoundly transformed how I related to what I perceive as a problem. 

Let me share with you some personal stories so you find examples that show you what’s possible for you when you let go of bracing and invite the process of Quantum TLC to guide you to actively find the genius of what is presenting in and through the moment you are in.

This first example comes from an experience when I recreated my own hair-disaster story through my son (as one does…). 

This one is about that time when I almost divorced my husband (not reallyyyyy) because he shrunk my favourite wool cardigan

And this one is about a time when I almost didn’t eat my  bread and margarine because the voice of shame presented itself.

Here’s my definitive stance on this: unless and until we are willing to leverage the genius of the moment we are in to digest and metabolizeeeeeeeverything that shows up in our lives, we are doomed to repeat history. 

It does not need to take a long time to viscerally grock that Quantum TLC is a process that is suited to the fact that we are Quantum-Biological Beings. What it takes is commitment to the process through curiosity to discover …the genius of the moment! 

Over the years, I’ve tried the conventional allopathic way and all I’ve got was diagnoses that supported lifelong ingestion of nasty drugs. Had I stayed in that route, I would now be on a daily dose of a concoction of at least: synthroid, some SSRI or the other, lithium, lorazepam. Plus, of course, my drugs-of-choice intended to numb my pain…and unable to eat real food because I couldn’t digest it. 

No fun! I’d much, much rather stay in the tough conversations with myself and discover the message my moment is seeking to reveal so I intentionally digest and metabolize it, because I can (given that we are quantum!). 

(If you’d like to start somewhere, try this free Accelerated Evolution Journey of Reflection filled with journaling questions intended to spark your curiosity about how else you might consider your moment). 

Against all odds, I now live a deeply connected to the more that I AM. 

And I want the same for YOU..

This is why I am inviting you to Leveraging The Genius of Your Moment.

On Sunday April the 28th at 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM EST we will gather together and explore the genius of your current state as an invitation to provocation for the more that you can become.

It’s time you realize you do NOT have to capitulate to the standard narrative about something being “wrong” with you because you have visceral sensations! Newsflash: there is nothing wrong with you!

It’s time you learn how to discover the genius that’s presenting through your body and your moment so you intentionally begin to trust it…. because it is, after all, The Ultimate Truth Teller. 

And it’s WAY time you discovered and embraced that you matter.

And figuring all that out on your own? I get it—It can be so hard!

But I got your back: “the work” is fun and exciting when we invite and allow a different perspective to take the lead … 

So let’s connect virtually and have a cuppa coffee & conversations about things that matter, like … for instance, the quality of your life!  

Just think. What if you were to consider that exactly where you are is the perfect platform from which to build on to evolve?  

Stop trying to fix, and make sense of, and understand, and tell stories about your experience, and instead come play and delve into conversations that enliven your curiosity about the thing that’s most important: knowing your Self. 

I cannot WAIT to see you there!


an invitation to an expansive playground…


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This yearlong experience is for women who are ready to …
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? trust their inner cues to guide them
? transform their relationship to themSelves
? become the more they are here to be

Given the intimacy of the container, we have room for three more women (six max)…

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