To Reclaim Your Life: Reclaim your personal power

I work hard to create the life that I have. I own that I am The (only) One who can live my life, my way. Because my life is mine

It can feel challenging for me to own up to how wonderful my life is because I know what it takes for me to live this way. I know the choices I have made to be where I am – choices that demanded I show up for mySelf when shit hit the fan. I notice what I notice and I don’t call it not-that. 

The choices I make determine the quality of my life. And same goes for you

So the question becomes: how can you make choices that align with who you are capable of becoming rather than choices that keep you trapped in habit and history and familiarity? 

Here’s a fundamental truth I abide with inside myself: Stay in the tough conversations with mySelf and others. No, it’s not as interesting as creating drama and replicating trauma, but it is what gives me my life back. 

I live my life quite differently from most people because I no longer desire (never mind need) external validation to give myself permission to choose that which feels meaningful and authentic for me in the moment that I am in. 

In doing so, I keep my power and do not give it away to another. I always come back to how’s this about me? And in the process of differentiating and individuating, I notice what’s mine and what isn’t.

Truly, my blogs are all about the ways in which I stay in the tough conversations with myself in order to integrate the layers upon layers of cultural conditioning that is intended to keep me small and externally referenced. In the past, giving my power up to an external source created drama & trauma so it was intriguing to the nervous system (because it is seeking to replicate what’s familiar). But now, turning the kaleidoscope perpetually inward is the only way worth living … 

Because when I live my life from a place of deep congruency and Self-trust … I make better choices. I am a better mother. I am a better partner. I seek to evolve and open up Space. I never ever seek to manipulate because I am clear inside myself about what matters to me. 

So how do I go about my daily existence? No matter what I’m up to, I ask myself one fundamental question: 

How does the godForce that I AM choose to live my life, today

To an outsider my life may make little sense – I look disorganized and I keep track of everything in my head. I move fast and am intentional about how I move through the world. I don’t accept mediocrity as real. Which then means I take full response-ability for the quality of my life.

 How do I do that? I know mySelf. I trust mySelf. I wholeheartedly trust mySelf. Which means that all the drama and trauma of the familiar past no longer runs the show of my life. 

So, what does my day to day life look like these days?

 Truth is, I focus the full measure of my attention on the life-altering conversations that enlivens the very core of my being (I am literally on  my lunch break from the last day of a five day intensive as we speak). I waste no time in people-pleasing, judgment, or seeking to ‘fix’ others’ ‘wrongs’. Quite frankly, that way of moving through the world bores me now. I’d much rather focus the full measure of my intention on creating my meaningful life, and letting go of the rest… 

… and I know that the women who follow my work want to figure out how to live a more congruent life – however they define that for themselves. They want to discover what’s meaningful for them and what stands in the way of exploring that. They want to reframe their beliefs about themselves, the people they love, and the world they live in. 

In other words: they want their life back…

And from where I stand, in order to reclaim your life, you must reclaim your personal power.


That’s the energetic domain of the Crone. 


If you want to know more about how the process of reclaiming the personal power of the Crone has transformed my life, I invite you to read this piece exploring the re-definitions I have made in my life by choosing authenticity as a way of life. And you can, too.

Truth is: I live a simple yet luxurious life with the loves of my life by my side. I am in love with my life, because I created it. Personally? I rejoice in taking ownership of my creations –the good, the bad, and the ugly. This, to me, is the epitome of power. After all, I trust that it’s all here for my evolution (and that of the collective I touch…). 

Am I willing to give myself permission to notice? 

As long as you’re not deterred by lack of drama, make sure you take a peek!  Read the post >

Until next time,

Breathing is good…

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And as you engage it, remember … breathing is good! 


an invitation to an expansive playground…


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