Living my Destiny: I AM the Guardian of the Vision of the WEL-Systems® Institute


Two powerful words that transform lives when fully owned and engaged. 

Two words that invite and allow the Force of Life that we each are to manifest to its fullest potential. To fill the fecund Space with a life of meaning and intention. A life of purpose. A life of joy. Of curiosity. Of deeply transformative conversations with women with a profound hunger for life, lived

This is the life that is possible for us all. 

This is my life. 

My life. It belongs to me. And because it does, I get to declare, out loud and unapologetically: I am living my Divine Destiny. 

Today is the day of the most meaningful revelation of my life… 

I AM The Guardian of the Vision of the WEL-Systems® Institute. 

Deep exhale… 

This is the greatest Honour and most Sacred Responsibility which I gracefully accept with the deepest of RIG (respect, integrity and generosity of spirit). 

Louise, your work and your Presence has made it possible for me and hundreds of other women over the last 35 years to live a magical life. I wonder what else will be possible in the next 35 years as I intentionally and enthusiastically share this work with the courageous women who will come my way… 

It is my privilege to share this template for an Emerging Species with those who are seeking to emerge

Emerge from their culturally conditioned cocoons to discover that they are, quite literally, a different species than they had been told they were. A species that has the capacity to transform its body, mind and connect to its spirit so that it lives as Divinity, embodied.  

It takes such immense courage to live this way, as the divine being that we each are, looking UP from our history and into our perpetually emerging potential. 

It is not easy, it is not always fun, and it is always worth it

It is the delivered promise of what you called the “adventure of embracing human evolution by intention, as a state of Being”. I am fortunate enough to have dared to step in, to ask questions, to be relentless in the pursuit of my own evolution. And in the process to discover the essence of what I AM. And live it.

And because I did, I now have the privilege of sharing this ancient wisdom with the women seeking to integrate their conditioning and discover their destiny. 

What a gift you have given the world! …including me. A gift that has transformed the trajectory of my life forever

The truth is, if you looked at my history for evidence, you would never conclude that I would be here, the Guardian of the Vision. But… I always knew I was unwilling to live my life from the confines of the culturally conditioned box. I never fit in. Not as a good girl with perfect grades, nor as  an outcast fighting all the failing systems. 

In noticing who I was becoming, I became unwilling to destroy mySelf by accepting  the conventional narratives of what was possible in my life (though boy did I ever try!). 

When I discovered the WEL-Systems way of life, I knew in my bones something  was different. Having stayed in all the conversations and having now viscerally grokked what makes this difference effective, I know without a shadow of a doubt: this is my Destiny. And I am ready to take the torch and pave the path for whatever comes next…

So, thank you Louise, for making that possible. For making it easy. For showing me what it’s like to be so gracious, so compassionate, so deeply committed to the evolution of the Emerging Species that we are

Thank you for seeing the potential in me and giving me every opportunity to engage it. For never giving up on me. For seeing the wholeness that I AM even in my darkest moments. For staying the most powerful ally I have ever encountered. For your generosity which has no bounds. For your unconditional and relentless dedication to be youSelf, tell the Truth

Thank you, for living what you speak and modeling to me what’s possible. For always and consistently treating me as your equal. Thank you, for being my “biggest fan”! 

Thank you, for showing me that people like you truly exist. Because of that I know: I am never alone. 

Most importantly, thank you for having created the most profoundly transformational formulas for human evolution I have ever encountered (and, as you know, I have looked far and wide!). 

Thank you for making the context so large that it is all-encompassing yet perpetually evolving. Thank you for paving the way so that I can walk my path. I don’t know where the journey will lead me, but I know that as I move forward, I stand on solid ground

As I carry the torch proudly and move forward, I honour all that I AM in the magnificence that is my imperfection, trusting my intuition to guide me and all those who feel the call to walk the path of Self-reclamation along with me…

PS- OMFG this is real!!!! Maybe someone pinch me …

And now, I’d like to take a moment to thank a few people who have been imperative in making this version of my unbelievable reality possible.

First of all, Sheila Winter Wallace who dared to live this paradigm out loud. Who found me in the most conventional of spaces and shared her wisdom with me. Who stood beside me in my deepest moments of uncertainty, fear, rage, outrage, courage, evolution. Without your willingness and immense ability, Sheila, I could not have been here. Mahalo.

The women who dare to be in these life-affirming and transformational conversations: thank you. Without your willingness to bare your vulnerabilities, I would never have discovered my strength. To all who stayyou are The Ones. Your courage and curiosity is paving the way to the emerging New World.

My dear husband who has been the most unwavering source of support in my life. You, Jacob, are the love of my life. None of any of this would be possible without you.

Declan, my dear son, who has fueled and deepened my fire. You, my dear Declan, are the reflection I need to look back at me to know why this matters. Plus, you are the source of my greatest Joy!

My parents, who bravely paved the way to this new land and taught me to pursue my destiny. My life is possible because of the choices they made along the way. 

Finally, because quantum entanglement is real, I also thank my ancestors, past and future, for rejoicing in my having dared. I can feel their souls sing with joy that the woman I have become chose to be the full measure of her emerging authentic Self and is living what so many dare only dream about. 

Meet the Guardian of the Vision

by Louise LeBrun, founder of the WEL-Systems Institute.

Why me?

When I anticipate my own departure and contemplate the next layers of the unfolding of the vision of the Institute, I seek to pave the way for what will be required to ensure the Institute remains true to its original intention; and both relevant and accessible to those who are ready to move beyond solving a problem to transforming a life. For this, a woman deeply rooted in the ‘now’ of her Being with a keen eye for an ever-expanding future is required. I see in you this capacity. I see in you the willingness and ability; the spine and the courage to take an unwavering stand for the truth that is essential to your own ongoing evolution. Rare, indeed….

My Own Emergence: Moving on!

The Institute represents a vision for the accelerated evolution of human beings. It is a template for an Emerging Species to find its unique expression in a world that is only too eager for it to be both silenced and assimilated. The Institute will always stand – audible and visible – as the invitation to an alternative.

For more than 30 years, my life has been filled with the Great Adventure of embracing human evolution by intention; as a state of being and not from an accumulation of random acts provoking evolution, in spite of ourselves. I could not have imagined a more powerful way to live.

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