The Subtle Art of Self-Manipulation

Prefer to listen over reading? Here you go.

Self-manipulation is an interesting thing. It is so easy to never have to notice, because, of course, there are far too many external manipulations going on — all of which are easier to notice than those we have internalized against ourselves.

 I won’t speak to the evident manipulations most people are unwilling to pay attention to. It’s no longer interesting for me to linger in the domain of what has become blatantly obvious (systemic oppression, state-sponsored violence, corporate propaganda, domestic violence, harming children, disrespect, disregard, dismissal, etc.).

Personally, I’d much rather delve into the domain of the subtle within. That’s what’s most interesting and holds the power to deep and profound liberation. It is not logical or linear — it is a felt sense. Noticing the subtle is an art-form that can be cultivated because, in fact, it is innate to each of us. Paradox is: we have to choose it in that instant where our body knows. I found myself writing: if it feels yucky, that’s because it is.


But what does it take to notice? To legitimize our innate and intuitive deep inner knowing? To allow it to be what it is without needing to make it something else? Without needing to justify it? Without needing to interfere and ‘fix’ anything? Without being terrified that “things” will change?

I have discovered that we live in the world of manipulations. People, mostly unaware of their intentions, resort to manipulation as a form of ensuring compliance (anyone else felt the need to “be nice” and “not offend anyone“). It goes far deeper than I ever imagined.

As I uncover the layers of “manipulation” that live inside myself, I notice the power of perceptual filters. When my perceptual filters are on fault-and-blame, I’d make it about the other person/people and  end up feeling powerless in the creation of my life because of course, I can’t control them. How dare they?! FUCK. You.

But… I no longer live from that paradigm; and I am perpetually integrating the layers that still live inside me.

 Truth is, I mindfully choose to live from the paradigm that acknowledges everything that comes into my life is for my own evolution. Period. Even when I feel ‘lost’ or ‘angry’ or ‘righteous’ or whatever it happens to be. So instead of finding someone / something outside of me to blame, I turn the kaleidoscope inward. Question is always: how’s this about me? (And …  how’s this not about me? But that’s a distinction to be explored at another time.) So when I know it’s all about me, my internal line in the sand becomes (aka boundary): I am unwilling to manipulate myself. In that, it doesn’t matter that another tried to manipulate me (aware of it or not); what matters is that *I am unwilling to manipulate myself* and therefore their act does not penetrate my sphere of reality.

I don’t just talk about the holographic mind because it sounds pretty– I live it. That’s where the power comes from: in the practical application of what I know is a fundamental building block of how I create my reality. I don’t need to “do” manifestation practices; I AM the Force of Manifestation, itself.

That’s what it means to be Creator, creating.

And that’s what we all are. That we intellectually know it and can recite the latest on it, changes nothing. That we learn to live as the thing itself, defines the quality of our lives. 

End of the day, it is all a matter of choice.

Question then becomes: how does one live as the thing itself?

That’s the million dollar question. No, several billion dollar question that most out there are trying to answer by finding the right strategy. Fine. And, in the plethora of how to’s you will always find a reason why it’s not working.

From where I stand, when you don’t understand the process of how your mind & body connection works, you are doomed to try different strategies and keep perpetually finding yourself at square one, feeling more demoralized than ever.

I believe we don’t need yet another strategy; we need to really grok who and what we are as human beings, in order to notice the patterns and processes that run our lives. Generally, people are highly predictable. Why? Because we have been conditioned to be compliant (authority knows best, has our best interests at heart, and we better listen and obey so we don’t break the rules and stand out and therefore feel unsafe).

I, for one, see the immense harm that comes to individuals and collectives from living that way, and I mindfully choose not to live like that.

Instead, I intentionally choose the path of perpetual self-discovery.

The how is not a strategy — is a process. They are not the same thing.

The context is not “good citizen” — it is LifeForce (Creator).

This is the gift that the WEL-Systems® body of wisdom has given me.

  • Without the Predictable Structure of Thought, for example, I wouldn’t know how to raise my thinking UP and continuously seek the higher order context that explains my perceived limitation and expands my context for living.
  • Without the Icebergs Interacting model I wouldn’t know how to calibrate for my own inner cues, never mind another’s!
  • Without the Nested Living Systems, I wouldn’t know how patterns I learned early in life replicate in all areas of my life.
  • Without the Family Systems model, I wouldn’t be able to make sense of the strategies I adopted early in life and kept replicating habitually until I became mindful of them.
  • Without Androgynous Baby, I wouldn’t viscerally know the power of my nervous system in shaping my reality; nor would I know how important a single breath is in transforming my nervous system without Bio Baby™.
  • Without the Quantum Biological Human, I wouldn’t know that there is a dotted line I get to choose to stand on. I wouldn’t know the power of congruent choice, because I wouldn’t believe I ever had any (after all, no one adopts addiction as a coping mechanism when they believe they have choice in their lives).
  • Without 21st Century Huna, I wouldn’t know that the essence of my being communicates directly with my body. In that, all I have to do is learn how to listen.
  • Without Signals Dancing, I wouldn’t know how to really decipher the messages of my body and listen to and for the (my) truth.
  • Without Quantum Processing I wouldn’t know how to stay in the tough situations without completely losing myself (and then habitually choosing addiction-as-coping-mechanism).
  • Without The CODE Model, I would be stuck in the allopathic paradigm that has a diminishing label for everything.

Instead, because I get the power of living from this paradigm, I stay curious about it all … because, as the Structure of Reality taught me: power lives in the not-knowing and choosing to mindfully discover.

 Without curiosity, we are all trapped in the domain of what we think we know. Not good/bad/right/wrong, simply a matter of: how’s that working for ya? If you’re happy where you are, you’re not likely to have read this blog. And if not, the only question worth asking yourself is: how much longer do you choose to live this way?

Indeed, manipulating ourselves into believing that “it’s not so bad” is an immense act of self-betrayal. And self-betrayal, ladies and gents, always leads to dis-ease. How you manifest that, well …that depends on a plethora of interconnections that can be unwoven and integrated, should you choose it.


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Truth is, unless we re-educate ourselves to our own potential, all we’ve got is history and habit. Secrets and lies. And the most deadly ones are the secrets we keep from ourselves and the lies we tell ourselves. Freedom will come only from your unwillingness to manipulate yourself any longer.

If you have reached the point of enough is enough and are actively seeking to decloak your internalized BS so you own your mind and accelerated evolution becomes your way of life… welcome. You are in the right place.

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Masterful Liars explores the nature of truth.”Without that living, breathing, organic expression of our unique, whole and timely truth, we become trapped in the mindless repetition of an untruth, desperately trying to find our way off of the hamster’s wheel. In that, we quickly become unwell of body, mind and Spirit.” Fact.

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