What is WEL-Systems®?

 To live this paradigm demands we mindfully choose to reclaim our personal power not only by consistently surrendering to the wave of information-in-flwo that each of us is (I AM) as a way of life, but by engaging our life differently, consistently and unapologetically. 

External noise is deafening.

the WEL-Systems® mindset is peace through deep inner knowing.

Opportunity of overwhelm is everywhere. So much information. So much content. So much do this, do that, go here, go there, listen here. It is invasive in nature, and I believe it is intended to be so. That I give in to that, or not, however, is a choice. 

What’s different about this paradigm we call WEL-Systems® is that it provides us with a process and a context to recontextualize our thinking, our knowing about who and what we are. It isn’t about the content that we are educated to, it is about how the content is used to leverage the wave. 

You cannot leap into this paradigm uneducated, however. So there is an (re)educational component. Not about the content, but about what we are as human beings, because we are not what we have been taught to believe we are …we are so much more.

I AM the godForce manifested in tissue. And so are you.

How does a godForce choose to live?
How does a quantum-biological being live?
How does a cultural human being live?

The quality of my life will depend on the quality of my thoughts, which are directed and shaped by who I believe myself to be, which is shaped by who I have been taught I am and should be. Internal conflict arises only when I know the truth to be something different than what I’ve been told it is … 

Living the WEL-Systems process is available to all of us; and, it is not for the faint of heart. It takes worshipping Truth to stay with it. There is always, in all ways, a higher order truth available. Question is, how much do you desire to seek it? How willing are you to let go of the lies your hold on to, in the form of stories, in order to create space inside your body for the wave (the truth) that I AM (we each are) to be in perpetual flow? 

Whatever your intuitive inkling is, that is your truth. Some people want to solve their problem and live status quo. Some people want to dip their toes in the water and intellectually know and tell cool sounding stories about it. Some people are dying to face their Truth. Some people are in a persistent, perpetual search. Are you willing to find and still remain in the search … for the next layer? And the one after that? Till the day you take your last breath? Or is status quo enough for you? Whatever it is: OWN it. That is your ticket to freedom. The truth of the moment. Resistance is futile…as they say. 

Context is everything.

And everything is context dependent.

You and I can only evolve up to the context that we hold as real in the moment we are in. Not in our intellects, but in the vibrations of our body. If I believe I must hang on to my stories for them to be real and have value, that is the level of evolution I will go to and stop (until I own that layer of my truth). If I believe I must hang on to overwhelm and worry in order to stay safe, that is the context in which my evolution will unfold (until I own that truth). If I believe it is me against the world and no one else can understand, that is the reality I will create (until I own that truth). 

How big are you willing to go? How big are you willing to have it? 

The brilliant process of WEL-Systems is one that invites us, nay — compels us, to educate ourselves sufficiently so that we can discover a perpetually greater context to continuously redefine ourselves and our reality…IF that’s what we want. While what I AM may not change (I AM the whole, manifesting uniquely), the layers being revealed to my conscious awareness through the integration of the truth of the moment allows me to know mySelf more deeply, more intimately. From there … I choose congruently

Be yourSelf, tell the truth.

The process is simple: be yourself, tell the truth. That’s the antithesis to the lies of the cult(ure) “out there”. That’s the point of reclamation of personal power. Notice the infinite amounts of educational material available — it isn’t so you know more in your intellect; it is there so you might discover how to invite and allow the wave (that I AM) to flow. Space in the body allows for movement of information to be digested and metabolized sufficiently such that Life Force is steadily flowing through the body. In that, there can be no dis-ease… 

To live like this is a choice. And, it can be exhausting. Those of us who have trusted the processes as much as we loved it know: that too, is brilliant. That too, is an invitation to greatness. That too, is Life, unfolding. Question is: are we willing to trust it? 


Because doing more of the same will get you more of what you’ve got.

I invite you to consider these things, for yourself and your evolution: 

What is WEL-Systems? Discovering what it is by eliminating what it’s not. This one I believe is critical because it outlines what makes this different than pretty much everything else out there. 

This is a body led experience of somatic stretching I did a few days ago with the theme being interconnectivity. The first 10 mins are me sharing some thoughts and the rest is a yoga experience. “Truth I AM: Interconnectivity

Lastly, I heard this clip from Louise and loved it on women’s voices: women’s choices. Our voices matter in shaping matter! How do you choose to use yours?

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to check out my free resources here. They are resources intended to awaken you to your power and invite you to reclaim it today. What’s the use in waiting …?


an invitation to an expansive playground…


Ready to have your own experience of what it’s like to delve into conversations from this paradigm? A good introductory place for you to be is Igniting Your Potential (monthly explorations facilitated by yours, truly) and Conversations That Heal (facilitated by Sheila Winter Wallace’s monthly calls).

If you’re up for a conversation that ups the anti significantly Louise LeBrun herself is facilitating a monthly conversation for those who have listened to the Decloaking audio files. Check out: Navigating Chaos.

The Signature WEL-Systems experiences start with Decloaking and Living Authentically.

For those who have completed the Decloaking experience, you know the power it holds in expanding your context for evolution. If you are ready for the more that inevitably awaits you in Engaging and Awakening Others, book a discovery  call with me to see if this upcoming experience on November 25th to 29th is for you.

Are your habits hurting you?

If so, you are the only one who can pattern-interrupt what's not working for you and discover how else to engage your moment.



How wonderful you chose this for yourself! Now all that's left is to enjoy the process of self-discovery!